acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

rabbits and spiders

This morning I woke up just after 4am to hear the lions calling. It was still dark and it was a treat to hear them as they haven’t been around for a while. Apparently one of the females has cubs in another part of the reserve. Possibly this was the males doing a territorial patrol.

The second time I heard them, I decided to get up and make coffee. K was already up watching TV so we went out onto the stoep to listen again. A slight tinge of dawn light nudged at the eastern horizon.

Clutching our coffee cups we jumped in the vehicle to see if we could find our feline friends. We drove slowly, shining a spotlight into the bush on either side of the road.
We saw three rabbits – not together but in all. Wide eyed and fully awake, they hopped speedily into the underbrush.

On an open piece of ground, millions of tiny stars reflected back at me as if the earth had been scattered with diamonds. Spiders’ eyes showed a dazzling light that decried their body size. There is a smell of moisture in the air although it hasn’t rained. Cold moist air must have flooded down from the mountains in the night. Something brought the spiders out en masse for this lovely display.

Dawn light crept slowly into the scene but all we found of lions so far were some fresh tracks. Apparently elephants came by last night too. They have feasted on the bull rushes at the waterhole and it now looks as though it has been chopped with machetes. It is always astounding how quiet a herd of elephants can be!

So although the superstars of our animal pageant were off stage, it allowed the rabbits and spiders to captivate and beguile on centre stage as the curtains opened on the new day.


Angela said...

Wow. Swallow. Can`t say anymore.

Anonymous said...

You have a fascinating blog. I wonder if the lions ever bother you when they are nearby.

CJ xx

Miranda said...

Ah, love it. And the spiders' webs catching the dawn light? LOVE that!

Val said...

Angela - was that a swallow in a good sense?

Crystal Jigsaw - likewise; no they never bother us, infact we wish they were around more often. They add a certain edge to life.

Miranda - hey it was the spiders eyes shining like jewels! probably didnt explain that clearly - well it was early. hehe

thanks for reading xx

Janelle said...

beautiful babes...makes me miss luangwa sorely. aaargh...and, the blackbox spun me here! HAH! not that i don;t come here anyway...lots love val xx janelle

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm not a good early riser, but when in the bush, it is the best time of the day and your description put me right there! Aah memories.

BTW thanks for the blogroll spot!

Angela said...

Oh Val,never anything else but a good sense! You just had me awed so much, if you know what I mean - breathless, just tiptoeing around the spiders, feeling this early morning sensation. When such an atmosphere grabs me, I can feel my tears welling up - and then I swallow them because it`s stupid. This is PARADISE!

Lori ann said...

spiders are where i draw the line.i like lions, snakes, bears, well maybe not grizzlys, ok grizzlys are really scary, sharks, i can handle most anything, well you know what i mean, they don't make me want to hide, but spiders...dear god. is there anything you are afraid of val??

xx lori

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Val, what an incredible description, I feel as if I'm right there, although I'm not sure I want to be there if I might run into a lion in the dark.

I can't imagine waking at 4 a.m to the prospect of lions and elephants. I'm all too familiar, however, with the spiders (whose webs are thick as ropes - I know because they've wrapped around my neck before...on the riding lawn mower) and the rabbits.

Val said...

hey Janelle, i love that the black box brings you here! would LOVE to come and hang out with you guys in Tz sometime xx

Angela - thanks for your kind words, am glad you liked this one. I wasnt sure ifyou'd like the spiders.... a mass of spiders with bright shining eyes is not everyones cup of tea, but you should see them - its so pretty like a scattering of emeralds and diamonds - you dont see the actual leggy spider because the shiny reflected light outbeams them. and they are sitting still, not running at you, or dropping out of trees into your hair....:-)

Rob - thanks for the visit again. Tell us about your Africa time please :-)

Lori Ann - yes I am afraid of too many things for my own liking. Really though when you fear something it is just calling your attention so you can learn more about it , or yourself. Sounds brave hey? well i wouldnt call myself that by a long chalk. And fear is also a good survival tool!

Chesapeake Bay Woman - we also have spiders with webs as strong as rope - but thinner. Golden Orb Spiders. If you get the web on you it sticks everywhere - eugh - and the spiders are big and black and leggy and drop onto you. not my favourite time of year - but they are awesome looking too, so you have to admire them.

And without spiders where would we be????


Unknown said...

Oh wow, stunning, just being there is stunning - and the spiders must have been a special gift. Rain spiders perhaps....??? Doing a rain dance...

Val said...

Absolute Vanilla - it was stunning. and if we had found the lions we probably would have missed this amazing sight. Lets hope they are rain spiders doing a dance? hehe