acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

massage moments

I am so very tired now. My whole body wants to lie down and sleep. Even speaking is an effort. And its only 4pm.

Today I decided to treat myself to a back massage. I had been feeling as though I needed one for some time, and then yesterday I had lower back pain, so I got pro-active and off I went at the appointed time thinking it would be a treat. I was imagining lovely essential oils smells, soft reiki music tinkling away like a running stream; and having all my stresses, new and old, eased out of those big muscles by expert hands.


Well the music and smells were on cue, but the therapist was big and strong, with very strong fingers that poked right into my knotty bits, through my whole body and out the other side. It was sore! I began to imagine she was remembering ancestral scenes from the anglo-boer war and was now exacting revenge. Even the music began to sound like little drummer boys marching before the troops. I wimpered, and gasped. No – this isn’t like the picture!!!

I could see her toes. See the weight come off one foot as she really leaned into the job. I can do this, I promised myself – I wont cry, or whimper too much. But ‘aish’ that hurts! “shame’ said the therapist not meaning it.
All too soon (not) it was over. Phewee. She met me at the door. “You must come back. I can’t fix it all in one session”. “oh OK’ (WHAT?), I mumbled, finding it difficult to speak. ”probably not this week though..”

“Remember to drink lots of water so you don’t start to detox (what?) or get headaches (!) … nausea..(!) “ none of this was in my plan. I imagined floating home, the picture of serenity and calm - not this spaced out wounded stumbling.

I drove home. Everyone overtaking me on the road. Perhaps there is something wrong with the speedo – I cant be driving THAT slow.

… but I do think my back feels better, or will when the bruising subsides.


Angela said...

Oh my God! That sounds like an ORDEAL! Shame on the boer (??) lady. Didn`t you tell her you weren`t even THERE when they fought over Transvaal? Haha, poor gal. But I`m sure she knew what she was doing (stabbing you right through, what a wonderful description!)and you`ll feel like floating very soon. Go back soon, by all means! (perhaps with an armour? Chuckle)

Val said...

i'm tough hey? :-)

A Concerned Citizen said...

One of my massage therapist's guiding principles is that no part of a massage should hurt. I was so relieved the first time I saw her and she told me this, because my previous massage therapist was like your boer lady - there were times when, if I had been only a tiny smidgeon less proud, I totally would have cried.

A really great massage, in my view, will be pleasurable while you have it and also will keep you feeling better afterward. There are people out that who can provide that service, and I sincerely hope that you are able to find one soon. Best of luck to you.

Val said...

adrianne - thats what I thought! definitely going to seek out a gentler one next time then :-)

Anonymous said...

When the bruising fades, you must find a more gentle and soothing massage therapist. It ought to be rejuvinating not painful!

Unknown said...

No, no, no, that is all WRONG. I did a course in holistic massage therapy and one thing I can tell you is that massage shouldn't hurt like that. I know there are some practitioners who think it should, but that's just rubbish. One works with the body, being guided by the needs of the body one is working on, connecting with the energy. Hurting is not part of the deal. Strikes me that the therapist had major issues. Definitely go and find someone else!
And do drink lots of water it will help to clear whatever has been released from your system - you need to detox after a session like that. And yes, headaches might be expected, if there're a lot of toxins in your system - nausea, only if she's used the wrong sorts of oils!

Val said...

i'm so glad to get your feedback. exactly as i thought ... and like the picture i had....
thanks for that affirmation :-)
will be more careful next time ... if there is a next time! i still like the idea.
shoooweee that was a hard one - especially when i was expecting pampering :-) hah
love you guys xxx

Lori ann said...

val, yes definetly find another. shame is right, shame on her for being so hard on you. maybe she didnt know she was hurting you, but a good masseuse(?) will start with asking which type of pressure you prefer and will always ask to be told if it is too much, even checking in with you once or twice, asking if you are comfortable.

If you have it available try a hot stone massage, it might be just what you are hopeing for! good luck!

xx lori

Fire Byrd said...

how horrid for you. they are such a treat when done properly and that experience sounds anything but relaxing.

A Concerned Citizen said...

Hey Val, thanks for your comment on my post today. I think that maybe we are as one, because I have been having monkey dreams lately (and I have monkey lamps in my living room - maybe I will do a post about those tomorrow). I would love to discuss spiritual matters with you in more depth, at your leisure. Feel free to drop me a line at

Val said...

Thanks Lori! you know i hardly ever do this stuff, so wasnt sure if it was meant to be tough... the last time i had a massage was bliss tho. ha now i know for sure :-) hot stones sounds good. We have granite koppies in the reserve and they get pretty hot at tis time of year - perhaps i'll try them in the meantime...

Fire Byrd - thanks for yours.
I am really touched by all the concerned and sympathetic messages I have received on this. Thank you all so much for your concern.

Adrianne - yes lets chat more!
I will send yo my email too.


ArtSparker said...

So...tried yoga?

Love your writing, I have bookmarked your blog. We are dry in California, of course it doesn't feel like there, but I was in overcasr, rainy Portland for a few days recently and it felt like such relief.

GreenJello said...

Massage can be good, even if it hurts...

Deep tissue massage is the only thing that works to relieve my pain. "Relaxing" surface massage does nothing. Ugh.

Sometimes you have to endure hurting for the hurt to stop!