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acacia blossoms

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miranda's Memes

Meme from The Times of Miranda blogspot

I am not sure what a meme is exactly, and it doesn’t appear in my dictionary – which is ancient and tattered anyway and probably needs updating as language is a living thing isn’t it? But hey I did the phone book thing. First go to the address book, hit any key three times (without looking I suppose); then scroll down three times and tell the world about the person whose name appears.

Well I tried all the keys finally out of curiosity, but the first name that REALLY came up was the name of the lady that bought my gallery in Chobe. She is a lovely elegant Irish born lady who was previously attached to the University of Botswana in Gabarone. Approaching retirement she was casting around for a new path. Heard about our little art gallery for sale and knew this was the right thing. She has close ties with the Art Department at the University and these are now partners with her in the gallery (I still have a small interest too – share wise but a big interest generally).

Whilst we all had lots of fun building the business over ten years; my travelling lifestyle meant that I had very little time actually on site and this was not working for me or the gallery. It needed to be owner run and now it is.

One of the first new artists we introduced to C when she took over was a Zimbabwean called Collins. K met him in a pub in Kasane, and brought him round to the house with his portfolio of pictures. Whilst he was showing us these lovely pastels he let them fall on the floor; the dogs walk on them. No Collins – you must take care of your work! Now he has a gallery to exhibit in and has been selling really well.

So more about C. She plays tennis regularly and so is really fit. She has that English thing of looking serious, then laughing a lot, then looking serious again. Funny dry humour just below the surface. Her brother is a big important cellist in one of the best European orchestras. Also funny and nice.

Ooh now I feel I should tell you about all the people in my phone book!

The second meme is a series of questions that must be answered in eight words;

WHERE WERE YOU TEN YEARS AGO? We bought our place in the lowveld then;
WHATS ON YOUR TO DO LIST TODAY? Make list of paintings that have just gone to gallery for exhibition; update stock lists etc; do emails; try to make sense of emails from Nairobi partner…. Do a run to town; sort photographs and files; write blog posts and maybe a little sleep as last night was LATE;
WHAT IF YOU WERE A BILLIONAIRE? Um I’d probably be stressing about banks crashing…. Too much to stuff in the mattress? Save pockets of environment; back alternative energy research and sciences; initiate more bee projects in rural areas; promote arts as educational tool; save the world generally I suppose…..

FIVE PLACES YOU HAVE LIVED: Canada, England, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana
Smoking; binge tidying up instead of doing it every day; not always following my intuition
Smoked salmon on rye with horseradish; (is that a snack? Depends on the size I suppose) raw veg/fruit; wasabi rice crackers
Well Miranda already tagged Tam Janelle and Geli soooooooo
I am going to Tag Reya, Absolute Vanilla, Holey Vision, and Lori Ann – OK that’s four but M did 4 ….. he he

guess i forgot about the eight words mandate then!

There ya go!


Unknown said...

Ooh er, tagged! That brings it to three memes that I now need to do! Better get on with it - mind you, I'll say this, memes at least mean I don't have to think to much about what I should blog about! :-)

Val said...

hi Absolute Vanilla -dont worry about it - you dont have to do it! i just wanted to as i live in hope that there is a lonely brain cell somewhere that would benefit from any kind of prompting! same goes for the rest of you tagged people... dont feel you HAVE to do anything :-)

Lori ann said...

right. oh val, yours was fun to read, not sure mine would be. still need to look up what in hell is a meme!

you lived in all those places??

xx lori

Angela said...

Val,so you DID get emails from your partner in Nairobi?? Interesting, hey?
I`m not sure what it meant to be tagged by Miranda? I should be answering these questions? Oh, Okay. Next blog then. Your answers were good...must think of more questions!