acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Sunday, October 5, 2008

feeding time

Rogue baboon tries to compete with resident warthog population at feeding time...


Unknown said...

Hmm, I'm not sure I'd want to be a rogue baboon around so many wartpiggies! Mind you, it's not like baboons aren't without plenty of brazen cheek.

Reya Mellicker said...

Those warthogs are so cute. Their body shapes are distinctly akin to the shape of my dog. Who knew?

Is it raining yet?

Do you do rain dances there? I invented a couple of my own last year when we had a drought. I don't know if they worked or not, but they did give me something to do while I waited for the skies to open.

A Concerned Citizen said...

I love these photos and think that the warthogs are especially cute, although skinny. I hope for all of your sakes that the rain will come soon and bring everything back to life.

And don't let Reya fool you -- those rain dances of hers totally worked, at least in the long run. After the blistering drought that we had last year, we are now about 10 inches ahead of our usual average year-to-date rainfall.

Val said...

hi Absolute Vanilla - amazingly he did get away with a few fistfuls of game pellets - despite the fray!

Reya - is yours a bull terrier by any chance?
No rain yet, and rain dances are a definite option! today a bit cloudy and gusty, but clouds too high i think...


Val said...

hi Adrianne - ok so Im off rain dancing then ;-)

Lori ann said...

wow, these are great! I love to see animal behavior(sorry animals!having to scrabble for food) vs poses (well, i love those too!) Is there enough for all val? I mean at least for these fellows in the photo? did you use a telephoto?

thanks for the pics!
xx lori

oh, i will get on that list soon... :)

Unknown said...

They're remarkably fast when they're on the grab, aren't they.
We have a troop that live in the forest just up the road from here - remarkably laid back - unlike the ones down at Cape Point who are snatch and dash merchants extraordinaire!

Fire Byrd said...

I'm just so gob smacked that these animals are around you, we get squirrels, foxes and if were very lucky a badger.
But we do have more rain than we need, so I'll parcel some up and send it down to you.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Being new to this world of yours, which I find fascinating, what are they fighting over? I would assume the baboons would want something like fruit or vegetables? And I honestly have no idea what a warthog eats.

These must be the equivalent of our skunks, raccoons and possums. They are everywhere and will eat most anything.

Val said...

hi Absolute Vanilla - luckily these babs are still a little aloof. doesnt stop them pulling the thatch out of the cottage as soon as you turn your back! grrr heard about the Cape Point Gang...

Lori - it doesnt seem to matter how much food we put out there, it never seems enough.
Yes, took these with long lens but actually they were not too far away anyway.

Firebyrd - its great having animals around us even if it is all about food at the moment. when summer comes they wont recognise us anymore... yes please, a rain shipment would be good :-)

Chesapeake Bay Woman - we are in a drought situation at the moment, so have our own feeding programme going to try to help the animals over this period. In this picture they are fighting over game pellets (which are like horse cubes); we also give them crushed maize, whole maize, lucerne (alfalfa) molasses, and anything else we can get our hands on - not all at once of course.
Warthogs mainly eat grass and tubers, but are also omniverous as are baboons at times.

Val said...

hi Lori; no matter how much food we put out it never seems to be enough. sigh. yes, took these with long lens although they werent that far away anyway.

Absolute Vanilla - the Cape Point Gang are quite famous - or infamous. Luckily these guys are still a bit aloof - doesnt stop them pulling the thatch out of the cottage roof though as soon as your backs turned!

Fire Byrd - a rain package sounds appealling right now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman - we are in a drought at the moment so have our own feeding progamme to try and tide the animals over. In these pics theya re fighting over game pellets (which are like horse cubes) but you are right, normally they should be eating grass, fruit, roots, etc