acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Botswana bound

We are off to Botswana tomorrow. Today has been spent catching up, closing off, sorting and packing – watched by the manic monkeys at every turn. This morning I was awake early – not because I had finished sleeping, but because I thought I heard RAIN. I did. A gentle sprinkle but at least something. A start to the rainy season perhaps?

With the ground so hard and dry, a gentle start would be better – or so they say. But I had in mind something more dramatic – a tropical downpour that would fill the dams and flood down the roads; that frogs would party in and grass would start to grow again covering the bald barren earth. With luck it will happen soon and we will return to a lush jungle…sigh.

The packing list includes bedrolls, tent, road food, books, papers, cameras, laptop, fishing gear, medical box, puncture repair kits and assorted tools, and –oh yes, clothes. It’s hard to pack with days ricocheting between blasting heat and winter winds.

I am looking forward to sparkling rivers, elephants in the road, smell of wild sage in the open plains, forest alive with glossy starlings, and nights that belong to owls and cats. So dear friends, my next post will be from there!


Unknown said...

Took me a while to register "road food" - I thought that sounds familiar but all wrong and then I clicked, of course, "padkos"! ;-)

Travel safely and carefully and I really look forward to hearing about Botswana. We finally decided not to go this year, maybe we'll go next year, in the cooler season. Send greetings to the ellies from me.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, a road trip! So glad you're taking us with you. Yes "padkos" - very important for a road trip, and not unique to Southern Africa, we always make sure we have some whether travelling in the UK, Spain, France or here in Canada. We will probably export some to the US when our papers come through and we can again leave and re-enter Canada.

Safe journeys.

Fire Byrd said...

Rain at last,if only a little, lets hope for more. Couln't have blown it hard enough from here!
Evocative writing as ever.

Lori ann said...

Yes, safe travels val, can't wait to hear more from Botswana. please say hi to mama ramotswe for me. Oh, and take lots of photos!

Angela said...

Have a lovely trip, Val! In German it`s Reiseproviant, but padkos sounds like Pfadkost, like food for pathfinders. Fits, too, doesn`t it? As a child, I always insisted on hard-boiled eggs!
Yes, Mma Ramotswe is a good friend of mine, too, Lori! Val, we wish you lots of rain at home but not so much on the road! We`ll all be thinking of you!! Return safely!

Reya Mellicker said...

Even a sprinkle is better than nothing.

May the soaking rains come and clean the air, fill the lakes and watering places, and nourish the earth.

Oh ... and have a great vacation.

Janelle said...

ah. jealous. although am just back from zanzibar..but oh the smell of the bush, ellies and starlings..LOVELY. have fun val. xxx j

Kate said...

Happy holidays Val. It's been a while since we heard from you, hope all goes well.

By the way, I just tagged you :-)