acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, July 14, 2012

recent monkey scenarios

now just follow me - I will show you

As mentioned before, the monkeys from the roof are fast becoming kitchen monkeys. Our recent show of force has apparently had no effect at all. Yesterday, I was watching something on the TV and looked up to see four or five monkeys sitting on the table having cased the empty kitchen. They were so quiet.  I jumped up and said something like "oh no you guys. WhaddoyouthinkyouRdoing? out out!"

not itchy feet

They left softly and empty handed.  All but one - the big male with the blue dangly bits. He decided to linger a little longer and ducked into the studio to hide behind the sofa. Hoo boy. Fortunately I have become more vigilant about putting food away and out of sight so there was no contraband in sight.  Getting him out of the studio entailed (no pun intended) opening the front doors wide, then stepping back into the kitchen and around outside the windows, so that he could leave with the least amount of damage to property, and the most amount of dignity for him.


They have discovered that they can enter the ceiling via the laundry room. This is proving to be a great hiding place for raids. However there is a high risk of getting trapped in the house when all the doors are closed.

through the window

The first time someone was caught like this, the house was dead quiet after a monkey raid.  We closed all the doors but the monkeys kept hanging around outside staring in the windows.    Sometime later i found some nasty brown monkey 'drops' on the kitchen floor, and by the bathroom. Ahha! hide and seek began. The outside monkeys watched me accusingly through the glass as if to say "what have you done with him?" Eventually he was located peering down from the ceiling, and an exit route was arranged for him to leave quietly.  The troop left as soon as he was out.

those bumps in their cheeks are food stashes
or butter that will not melt in there

Next time, it was that female monkey that was caught inside. She is more forward and aggressive. There were no monkey faces watching anxiously through the windows for her. This time the troop left without her. When she finally took the exit route, she was all alone in the world.  I thought this might teach her something, but apparently not.

We do love them - its just a matter of boundaries and who cleans up.  Maybe they got butter on their paws sometime?


Angela said...

Oh man, this is so funny - for ME, in far-away Germany! But no, I would really NOT like to find monkey poo in my kitchen (duck poo on the terrace is bad enough!), or a thief monkey stealing my cooked chicken, or even accusing faces at my window, hahaha! You bad monkey mother, Val, how can you trap the poor guy like that! And - are females not as worth waiting for, one wonders? Almost like in real life, huh?
Such amazing, strange, exotic stories. Can`t get enough of them! Maybe you should buy yourself a vuvuzela to scare them out next time? Still chuckling...

The Solitary Walker said...

Your home is alive with all sorts of creatures, Val! It makes things seem a bit tame here. Well, there are the spiders, of course. And once a heron walked into our kitchen. Can't say blue dangly bits are much in evidence either. Well, except after a cold shower of course.

Amanda Summer said...

i adore this sense of play you have with these mischievous creatures. like geli says, i wouldn't like to see the little 'gifts' they leave behind, but then again, as robert says, your home is truly alive with all sorts of amazing creatures - and makes my home with a solitary airedale, glorious as she is at 15 - seems a tad mundane by comparison!

are the monkeys more active at this time of year? or are they breaking and entering year round?

p.s. sorry you couldn't leave a comment over at my blog - perhaps the mercury retrograde in action as you said!!

Lori ann said...

oh dear, hmmm, maybe some fake snakes by the window or a stuffed lion on the kitchen table? there must be some kind of safe monkey deterrent?

Val said...

Geli - vuvuzelas are not that easy to blow apparently; right now with the wind blowing, we have a branch scratching the roof that sounds a bit like one of those!

Solitary Walker - a heron in the kitchen! wow. haha stayout of the cold shower!

Val said...

Amanda - a new monkey joined the troop and taught them all about houses. they are more needy at this time of year though as its winter and there is less food in the veld. We also put food out for them and other animals, but its never enough.

Lori - we have a big fake snake that makes me jump each time i see it; but monkeys are now used to it and dont even jump. lion on the table might work. or leopard. but not a stuffed one - yuk - would have to be live :0

Angela said...

At our summer circus they have tame white lions - want me to rent one for you?
This is really hilarious. A live leopard in the kitchen to keep the monkeys out. I wonder how Noah managed...

Val said...

Geli - yes please. send the white lions to us. they can roam free here. must just keep the monkeys out of the kitchen :D

Lori ann said...

oh ha ha, i meant a toy one, like a childs soft animal, we had so many, i could find one for you?

Val said...

Lori - if there is ever a leopard on TV (i mean a programme) the monkeys get very focussed, and far from running away, they hang around shouting warnings at each other

Anonymous said...

Oh Val I do have sympathy for your situation, but the episodes are quiet hilarious!
I love the thought of a leopard or lion padding up and down the passage or lounging on the sofa - perhaps dreaming up another edition of the ".. Enemies" doccies.


Diane said...

Apart from keeping everything locked up how do you stop them. A life size leopard toy that maybe you can get some good smells attached to:) Diane

Cheryl Cato said...

Such a fun post, Val! You had me laughing at the thought of them perched on your table and being good little monkeys. Great post!

Val said...

Janet - they are pretty funny too - despite their tricks; actually not too bad its just the cleaning up thats not so fun.

Diane - another household would probably shoot one as a deterent, but thats not the idea here. rather let them check out the scene and find nothing to steal - so i just have to be vigilant about putting food away and out of sight

Cheryl - they do make us laugh too - thanks!

Adam Waterford said...

Those monkeys are so adorable, Val. But they can be troublesome on the roof, especially when they poop. :O True, that goes for birds also. Make sure your roof has no holes. :P No one wants dirt on their soup, right? :P

Emma Phillips said...

I chuckled reading your comment, Adam. :P Fortunately, I haven't experienced that and I would never dare to. LOL! But seriously, that's one of the major disadvantages of having holes on the roof. Plus, birds and monkeys get to have a peek of you while you're eating! LOL, that's even funnier!

Val said...

Adam - i dont mind if they poop on the roof or anywhere else, just preferably not inside the house:P
not too many holes but you are right, that would be a bad thing!

Emma - birds and monkeys peek at us all the time - plus some other creatures. we are not the only ones living in this house btw :) - but they normally peek thru the windows;

Kristopher said...

Aww. But, they are really cute, though. We had the same problem before. The only difference is that cats were the ones who invaded our roofs. I remember one time, my sister and I are peacefully resting in our house, and suddenly, we were alarmed by extremely loud noises coming from our roof. We were so scared thinking that rocks were falling down to our home. Then, we heard cats crying and screaming out loud, realizing later on that those cats were just fighting or playing on the top of our house. Ouch. I guess we cannot avoid instances like this, huh? Epic!

Kristopher Diss

Vagabonde said...

I enjoyed your post. Your monkeys are so cute but I am sure they can become quite a nuisance. I thought I had it hard with the squirrels trying to steal food – but I should not complain as they are easy to shoo away.

Val said...

Kristopher - cats can make a racket cant they! and especially at night. at least monkeys are busy during the day! we do enjoy them too.

Vagabonde - haha squirrels - but its wonderful to share your life with all these crazy creatures

Unknown said...

Ouch! I can just imagine your annoyance through the whole situation. Monkeys can be very comical at times. They’re really adorable, but I guess we cannot avoid the fact that their playfulness can be so frustrating. Settling in your roof is fine, but leaving unwanted dirt is too much to handle. Maybe you should not leave our windows or doors open for a while. I’m sure, in time, they’ll behave and stop invading your house.

Allyson Duguay

Penelope Dingee said...

OMG! Those monkeys are beautiful! I wonder if you can domesticate them and then own them eventually. But you have to make sure that they don’t do any damage to your roof. You can monitor your roof and these cute monkeys by regularly cleaning and maintaining your roof. :)

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