acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

letter from the roof

Dear Bloggy Pals

you may have been wondering where i have been this past quiet time? Well, since the night of the wondrous leopard pictures, life has been a race horse on speed. 

We jumped on a plane to London for a family event - my
niece's Big White Wedding. We arrived a few days early and tried to
help with the preps, but also spent time exploring the lush green
tunnels of the Meon Valley country lanes. Tiny windy lanes that trickle
between rolling farmland and dark leafy forests, lit by hazy sunlight.

We stumbled onto a fly fishing place at a natural spring where you
can go and have fly fishing lessons, or just stand around making
lovely figures of eight with flying fish line, while the trout stare
unblinking from the crystal depths.

Here and there a cozy pub with wonky tables serving delicious grub.

I met a  friend's pet sheep - we bonded.

Friday, the day before the wedding, and the pace intensified. At one point I found myself tying knives and forks together with decorated ribbon for a hundred and fifty place settings.

Its the little personal touches that take so much time but make all the difference.

On the day, the bride looked like a princess and she and the groom grinned happily through the whole event.  It filled me up to see them, and share the joy.

We came home to a round of visitors.  I love a noisy full dinner table and having everyone around. But soon we will be on our own again- with the monkeys.

Summer has arrived meanwhile and the air is full of dust and smoke haze - hiding the mountains completely from view. Today a cheeky wind promises rain, but the sky is white heat and cloudless.

So much catching up to do but its good to be back.

thanks for hanging in - if you did!