acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weather Report

After the breathless oven door heat of yesterday we were treated to a light show last night. A fierce wind blew in at sunset driven by convection as hot air changed places with cold. Distant lightening flashes drew closer, moved to the east and conversed with more in the west. Wind blew the chairs off the stoep and forced us to extinguish what was left of the fire as burning embers fled the scene in a westerly direction heading for the tinder grasses.
I went to sleep while wind played with the sheets of wriggly tin on our roof, and lightening danced around. But it was not our turn for rain yet - perhaps we are last on the list. Today the wind has been casting around, clearing up the dust and smoke haze. The mountains reappeared in full glory at sunrise - the view washed clean to illuminate fissured canyons and glowing granite faces.

One day I will think of something else to write about other than waiting for rain........


Lori ann said...

val, that was the most beautiful weather report I've ever read. you can write about the weather and it's still interesting! rain's on the way, sure now!

Angela said...

Yes yes yes! This was the beginning of it - wait and see! TONIGHT maybe! I hope for you and all the hyena and warthog community, and I can`t wait to hear from you a great loud HOORAY!
Stomp your feet with me and turn with upraised arms - let`s all join in a continent connecting rain dance!!!

Fire Byrd said...

I have never paid attention to the need for rain as I do for you Val.
I so hope it comes soon.
It is inconceivable what a life without rain must be like.
And I'm with Angela I'll blow the rain that's currently pouring around my house straight down to you.

Val said...

Lori Ann - Angela - Fire Byrd - thanks for hanging in with me! Apparently rain is on its way ... you will be the first to know when it does arrive. Was wierd last night to be doing the ironing (yup well someone has to) by the TV last night and have a big hungry warthog stare at me through the window. They are supposed to go to bed after dark! needless to say we immediatly started feeding it.


Anonymous said...

Ditto the praise for best weather report, and the way you write, we're hooked, waiting for rain with you!

Unknown said...

What an incredible weather report, Val. Hopefully the storm is a good sign of rain not too far away. The weather systems here have definitely done their seasonal shift. Our rains have largely stopped and the south-easter is howling, hopefully this means the various high and low pressure systems are settling down into their usual patterns, bringing us summer dryness and you the summer rain.

Val said...

Rob -Thanks! its good to have you with me :-)

Absolute Vanilla - encouraging news. Feels like it must rain soon but skies are blue again today.


karen said...

you have captured the absolute essence... with you all the way!! lets see which one of us can stop "waiting for rain" first!