acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'd like to thank...

Well blow me down.. the very kind and lovely Katherine from NZ - sorry i still dont know how to do links... has generously awarded me the above!!! whoa - THANKS KATHERINE. Funny how awards do mean something after all.
I remember being impressed with Helen Mirren when she took the stage at a glittering event to receive a big award. Instead of the usual train of platitudes and gratitudes she said something like 'my greatest achievement so far has been to make it up the steps in these heels without falling over!' ha funny and i can really relate to that feeling if not to the actual glamour of the event.
anyhow its now my turn to pass it on to seven more blogs that I love, enjoy and enrich my mind, heart and soul.... so here goes in no particular order - on my. do i HAVE to choose!
The Times of Miranda - (wish i could do links!) for being the person who introduced me to the blogosphere and inspires me with her fresh funny enthusiastic and original outlooks on life
Fleeing Muses - - Tam, for her deeply soul searching, thought provoking and consumate word skill postings
Letters from Usedom - - for Angela's sage words, and upbeat take on life that is the cream on the barrel of worldly wisdom and understanding - and for her great friendship
Ngorobob Hill House - - a Janelle's lyrical and joyous descriptions of life on the hill that always lift my spirits;
The Gold Puppy - - Reya for her lovely spiritual posts and amazing photos
Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - - for her fabulous photos
The Bodhi Tree - wise words and soul searching empathy
Lori Times Five - - another soul connection accross the atlantic
Holey Vision - - for her spunky brave and funny commentaries
oops i think thats more than seven..oh well; actually i could go on - you all inspire, enlighten and uplift my day - thanks for all the fun and friendship xx
(got myself in a complete muddle re text colours - all because i dont know how to do


Unknown said...

Aw, you're a sweetie, thanks, Val.

To do links choose the name of the blog and then do this:

LINK NAME eg Monkeys on the Roof
Be sure to include the < and > and = sign and the inverted commas.
Note the blog url should start http:// before the bit.

The links will show up in a different colour according to your blog template to show that they are indeed clickable links.

Unknown said...

Blast, well that didn't work

so, let's try again
I'll do it in a linear way
Blog/site url
Actual text/blog name eg monkeys on the roof

Lori ann said...

how exciting! yes, thanks Val.And such wonderful blogs you chose, really fantastic and excellent, I love them all too. I know what you mean about Helen Mirren, i am just grateful to first have a computor. And second, to have figured my way around this far! I do much better with pen and paper.
Oh Absolute Vanilla,would you mind taking a trip to california to help me too with the link thing?, i am having minor difficulties here. perhaps if I spent a little less time reading and focused more on the task...

Miranda said...

WAHAEY! Thanks Vallie! Okay links. I just learned. You know when you add a photo, there's that picture thingy? So about 9 to the left from there, there's a funny little world with a chain link sortov thing. Well, highlight the word you want to be able to click on, then click on the world thingy and it'll give you a place to type in in the http thingy. So I know I have all the jargon down pat and I'm sure this'll make COMPLETE sense to you. Hahaha. Let me know if it does!?

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo - yes I too love your blog.
Miranda's explanation above sounds about what I do for links. Good luck with that and keep writing.

Val said...

he he I did it!! I CAN DO LINKS - and it was so easy after all.....
thanks for the help :-) now my next problem is.............(joke!)
thanks AbVan, Lori, Miranda, Rob for your supportive comments xx

Val said...

urgh.. 'supportive comments' sounds like prescription hose or something. I meant just thanks for all the good energy and for doing this with me... :-)

Angela said...

Oh hi Val, am just looking into this and humbly say thank you, too!! You surely deserve to get praises not only for your blog but for being who you are! Well picked, Katharina in NZ! (I like your blog, too) AND all the others you picked, and many more...aren`t we really having fun together? About this linking business, can anybody explain this to me very slowly, too?
By the way, my last word verification was rottingu, hahaha!

Reya Mellicker said...

I am honored - thank you!!

And ... my head was nodding YES YES YES as I read your list of the blogs you love. Of course there are hundreds, thousands, probably millions of great blogs, though only so much time in a day to read them all.

What I love is the planetary community, the familial feeling, that comes from reading each other's thoughts. My world view expands every day because of bloggers.

And my family has expanded by leaps and bounds, too. We're so lucky to have each other.

Thank you again!

A Concerned Citizen said...

Ah, Val, I am honored! You know that I love your blog to pieces. Such beautiful, evocative writing, and so full of wisdom and love for all the creatures, great and small.

I've not been online much lately and just caught up today. I particularly loved reading your Mozambique tale - I'm glad that all went well and that you made it home safely. Hope your upcoming travels will be as satisfying.