acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Thursday, September 25, 2008

dry season

the house in the dust bowl.... green season pic to follow when it happens!


Miranda said...

Ah, that picture makes me so HOMESICK!! I can smell the dust and dry buffalo dung and hear the cicadas. East Africa has a whole new confusing weather system that is taking some time getting used to...

Angela said...

I have been sending your photos to all my German friends - making them see how DIFFERENT the world is down below the equator! Warthogs and elephants in the garden! Such dust, such heat - and then I look out my window and see flowers and green trees and the clever crows who drop ripe walnuts from the lamp posts. Abundance everywhere.
Not that I would LIKE to have elephants in my garden...but imagining the exotic sights and smells is fabulous!!

A Concerned Citizen said...

It looks exactly as I had imagined it, which is amazing because I know next to nothing about Africa. I'm already looking forward to that green season pic.

Lori ann said...

yay! pictures! well, a pic. great! is this your house? the house you just painted?

looking forward to more please!
x lori

Anonymous said...

Very interesting picture. How amazing to have such creatures literally on your doorstep.

CJ xx

Reya Mellicker said...

The picture is beautiful!

Praying for rain to come. Poor warthogs.

Janelle said...

ah me too. homesick..BUTTTEEE man, its not half dry windy and dusty up on this east african hill either! sheesh..and i fear the storms when they come! mad mad and furious....unleashing it all upon the little pink house on the hill....bring on the rain! bring on the rain! XX janelle

Val said...

thanks for all your lovely comments! a great way to start my day:-)

Hey Miranda - you have a completely different cycle of seasons there hey? two rainy ones - one long one short? must be fun getting to know it even if it makes you homesick sometimes...

Angela - VERY DIFFERENT indeed from your place with that beautiful garden with so many flowers and everything looking so shipshape.:-)

Adrianne - thanks. amazingly last night we heard thunder and saw lightening but it passed us by from a long easterly distance. sigh. but a very good sign i think!

Lori Ann - yes exactly - this was the scene of the recent paint storm. I only just learnt how to upload pics so I will definitely do some more and when the world turns green there will be much to celebrate!

Crystal Jigsaw - yes it is indeed a great thing to share days with these amazing creatures.

Reya - it is so tragic to see the animals suffer, but now is the most extreme. yesterday we bought them some more lucerne (alfalfa) so they are feasting nonstop on that. Hopefully it will take them through this bit of harshness.

Janelle - those big storms can be so dramatic - awesome in their power. make sure there is space under the bed to hid if necessary :-)

you guys are the best! thanks xxx

Unknown said...

Ah, this looks like Kruger looked a few weeks ago when we were there. So hard on the animals - and yes, dust everywhere. Here's hoping the rains come soon.

Fire Byrd said...

beats the squirrels I get in my garden!
What an astonishing place to live, I'm so pleased I got here to be able experience your words about a life I could only dream about

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Val - thank you for visiting my blog and my goodness am I glad I visited yours today. What an incredible place you live in.

I'd love to see more pictures. I relate all too well with just learning how to upload. I am still on dial-up internet and anything I try to upload takes at least 10 - 15 minutes, very frustrating.

I'll have to come back and read more about where you live,it really looks interesting.

weenie said...

Hi, I just stopped by via - the 'little black box' widget told me to check you out, so hello again and cool picture!

spacedlaw said...

Amazing shot.
Greetings from Italy.
Another Black Box Traveller.

Val said...

Vanilla - we are the same as kruger. we are skywatching for rain clouds these days, but locals say it has to rain a lot in johannesburg first. sigh. by the way Vanilla is one of my favourite smells :-)

Fire Byrd - thanks for visiting. squirrels are fab - do you have those big huge grey ones? ours are much smaller, brown and very fast. they have to be. We used to have a lot in our roof but the monkeys have overwhelmed them i think.

Chesapeake Bay Woman - thanks for your visit. I have always wondered about your area and heard that it is so beautiful. I will be visiting your blog to learn more about it and you!

Weenie and Spacedlaw - thanks for visiting and leaving a mark here. I will try to put more pics now that i have learnt how to do it! need to know how to add links now...Am off to visit yours :-)

thanks guys - your comments keep me going xx