acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, September 19, 2008

first bit of friday

I am waking up so early at the moment – even before the first monkeys land on the roof. Before the first sparrows fart. Before the sun has his hat on. I think it’s a combination of early nights and clean lifestyle – for a week or so anyway. So this morning I was up at 4am… it’s a bit like jet lag I suppose. May as well get up and on with things… but bound to be a bit cranky or dopey later in the day.

So get up, make tea/coffee, load dishwasher, watch snippet of Nat,Geo about the mountain gorilla massacre. Gorilla family slaughtered to make way for forestry, and then small farmers. Hill sides denuded, ready for soil erosion when big rains arrive – which they will. No winners there – except the timber dealers maybe for a short while. Those Park Rangers are impressive in their dedication – but still the killings continue. Human greed.

Strange sound bites about a world in crisis as I sip tea and think about my plan for the day. Everything seems so far away from our four walls, in an island of dust and warthog poo within a sea of leafless mopane trees.

Shower, try to wash paint off from yesterday but no-go. Must remember to buy thinners. Still haunted by gorillas. Check emails and BLOGS ( Iam totally addicted at this stage) first any comments on my postings – yes hurrah – then check on all my favourites. This takes a bit of time because my connection is so slow.

Start packing up main bedroom ready for coat of paint today. Pictures off walls – shake off build up of dust and moths wings; pile shoes etc onto chair; cover important bits with plastic;. The curtains – ten years later – need a wash. Ahem. Ok fire up the washing machine. Its just starting to get light outside. The monkeys are arriving ready for the days entertainment – looking all bouncy and fresh; and the warthogs – ever present at the moment. Yesterday there was such a thin one walking around. This time of year is so tough for them. Some trees are coming into leaf now – not a blade of green grass in sight though. A Lion passed the house last night. Hmm lions haven’t been around in a while. This time of year is predator heaven – so many weak and lost prey items wandering around – easy pickings.

Start making list for town trip. Resupply for weekend; buy more paint, and thinners. Do the rounds. Its 8am already!!! Where did those dark hours go? Time moves much too fast for my liking.

Yesterday I had fun painting while listening to the very cool sounds of Janelle’s CD – Serendipity - Dust Angels;( Janelle is a friend and fellow blogger at CD is gentle on the soul, upbeat tempo – hints of Dylan, Waterboys, Rickie Lee Jones – words and music by Janelle on most tracks but plainly her band are all capable muso’s. Lyrics are pure poetry – found myself repeating strains in my head long after the CD had stopped. “Lights are out and so are owls..” I am sure there are proper music crit words to use but hey – I LOVE IT - well done Janelle! So much talent and good energy. So will be listening to that again today.

Ok must get on…
RIP Gorilla family...


Angela said...

Dear, dear Val,
how I love your blog! The more details the better!! The skinny warthogs, the lions, your early morning activities, your thoughts on gorillas - I feel like I have an extra life, sitting beside you and looking out of your window - fabulous! How can I hear Janelle`s CD? How can I entertain you in return?

auntiegwen said...


I'm visiting via the Black Box. It is so lovely to read of a life so unlike my own.

Thank you x

A Concerned Citizen said...

I love to read about your life. It seems so different from mine on the outside -- my Washington, DC existence is occupied by election season, the collapsing American financial markets, and job hunting -- yet the early mornings with coffee/tea, the awareness of animals, the tendency toward contemplation, and the love of Janelle's music (I heard it while visiting a blogger friend) we have in common.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating, Val. What a wonderful life with lions, monkeys and warthogs living on your doorstep.

CJ xx

Posh Totty said...

Great blog, I came here via the black box :o) Xx

Anonymous said...

Val I am so pleased you visited and left a comment on my bog! I had so much fun reading your profile and previous posts.I am blessed/cursed with a ridiculous sense of humour, and now knowing that you live in Warthogville I can relate the following to you.Years ago,my husband awoke one night to me making the most dreadful noises in my sleep. When he woke me up I explained that I dreamt I was a warthog. Are your insanity alarm bells ringing yet? It gets worse.I tried to explain that I knew exactly what it felt like to be a warthog.This little nocturnal scenario repeated itself two more times that night, until my dear husband just resigned himself to sleeping with a warthog, while silently grieving that many couples have a sensible night's sleep, without feeling that they and their Tontine pilow have landed in the depths of Botswana.At the risk of writing a book here, and not just leaving a comment,when my daughter went to Africa, she emailed,"every time I see a warthog Mum, it reminds me of you". I have two little warthog ornaments now, but let me tell you,they're hard to find as it's not something that's much in demand as dainty twee things on the mantlepiece or china cabinet.

Val said...

greetings all and thanks for checking in!
Angela - thanks so much for your kind words. It feels like you ARE sitting here :-)

auntiegwen -hello and welcome!

adrianne - yes funny how lives can be so different geographically and yet so similar underneath..

crystal jigsaw & posh totty - thanks for stopping by!

pam - he he dont we all make warthog noises in our sleep?? not many people would admit! well i shall send them all your greetings this morning. enjoyed your blog.

thanks guys xxx

Janelle said...

ah val THANKS honey! so so happy you like it...headed to another singer song writer evening where will present two newest ones...New Leaves and The Photograph..excited for my songs...and their birth..must finish the last verse though...whoa...HUGe love xxx janelle

Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful early morning post! I feel just like angela, as if I'm sitting right there, drinking tea, chatting with you.

I, too, love Janelle's music. Several tunes from her CD are in the playlist I use for massage called "Girls girls girls." All girl singers, of course.

Clients always say, "who is this?" when they hear her songs.

Poor gorillas, poor skinny warthogs and all the rest. The food chain and the strenuousness of survival is so wrenching!

Lori ann said...

Hi Val, a lovely post. It's like everyone says, feeling like we're there.

and yes, janelle, she's in my car c.d.player. every morning when i take my grandoodles to school i am instructed to put on #6.Serendipity. it never fails to soothe grumpy feelings and wake the sleepys. she's a songbird that girl.
enjoy your weekend.
x lori

Unknown said...

Senseless senseless, this human greed, so myopic, so devastatingly tragic. Yes RIP gorilla family. My heart bleeds.

As you say, hard time for animals now, easy pickings for predators, but nature has her own balance, harsh though that so often seems. Still, far less harsh than human greed.

Beautiful, gentle and lyrical post, Val.