acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

missing moon

hi there if you were expecting to see a new marvellous posting of the moon phases - umm well i had to take it off because it made everything else disappear - which is not necessarily a bad thing but i had to see if it was reversible...... big learning curve going on here!!

still... havent.... got the photo up load thing sorted. i just dont seem to have the same tab options on the edit page as i should. maybe its destiny...

anyway that moon thing was really cool - its a widget thingy... i may try to get it back again... sigh

oh well


tam said...

I had that for ages. And I still have issues with not being able to "add page elements". Annoying. But try pressing cntrl F5 at the same time - that helped me to get back the little task bar with photo, links, video, bold & italics, etc.

Val said...

hey thanks Tam!! am going to try it NOW - first ray of hope xx

Val said...

Tam - you are a PROPER GENIUS!!! that control F5 thing really worked... yay... now i can get my life back. thanks man xx

Reya Mellicker said...

LOVE the moon rabbit! Very cool.

Widgets sometimes work and sometimes don't on my blog.

I use to upload pics. It works so much more smoothly than blogger pic uploads. You can control the size very specifically, too, instead of choosing small, medium, or large.

Thanks, Tam! I didn't know about cntrl/5. Very cool!

Janelle said...

love LOVE the moon rabbit...! and your posts. and tam, wow!~ how did you find that one out?? xxxjanelle

tam said...

hours on blogger help groups!