acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Monday, May 25, 2009

monday I think

monday afternoon - early winter days - grass is yellow and dry, papery leaves starting to fall from the trees,landing softly in a crunchy layer on the ground. There is a stillness, like the desert. The sun warms your skin but the shadows are cold like the fridge. Blue shadows, cold shadows. Jackals have been eating our guinea fowl chicks - we have seven left so a flock of nine altogether last count. The grass is still long making it easy for predators to hide. Guinea fowl chirp softly to each other as they move along so that although they are hard to see we always know where they are. So do the jackals.
Last night we had a porcupine visitor again. a smaller one this time. He sat by the back door patiently with his paws neatly together, snoozing, like a pet labrador waiting to be let it. Sometime later we left the door open and in he came. Did a complete check of the house - in and out of all the rooms - before leaving again. What is the attraction we keep wondering. There was no food to be found this time - just a routine check?
I have been involved in the business of living again so have fallen behind on blogs but I am checking in - rest assured! I love reading all the blogs and comments, and adding my pennyworth - and can feel a new blog post coming on once i get through it all. Just a quick hello for now then.


Rosaria Williams said...

We have deer roaming our yard, munching on everything. Occasionally, a mountain lion creeps by. Most pastures with cattle and lambs enjoy peaceful coexisting among the animals.

You remind us of more trauma.

Fire Byrd said...

Even when it's a quick hello the words are so evocative.
I love the the idea of your visitor coming by to do a routine check!

Val said...

oh Lakeviewer sorry about the trauma reminder - but its just the way things are. Perhaps its just here then? We are hopig the rest of the chicks will survive - but jackals are hungry too....

Hi Fire Byrd - that porcupine is really cool. Imagine being born with all those spines on your back?

Anonymous said...

I can just see your prickly visitor quizzing around your place!
Am pleased to hear they are clearly happily breeding at Selti

Eleonora Baldwin said...

I adore your posts, but even the quick hellos are superb!
Thank you for keeping us up to dat with the incredible wildlife that surrounds you. Do you still feel like you live in a dream, or have you become used to the outstanding gifts of African nature?

Sorry to hear of the guinea fowl...

Ciao and thanks for your lovely blogging.

Angela said...

You actually have MORE than one porcupine visitor? Maybe this one was also looking for the loo? Yes, like all the others, I can only gasp at your incredible wildlife and the everyday life you are leading! We want to hear more and more, also the things you find just normal!!

Kristin said...

I love these virtual visits to your world. I, too, would nap by your door, waiting to gain entry if I could.

Reya Mellicker said...

It's a perfect hello!

Blue shadows are definitely cold shadows. I never thought about it that way before.

As for the porcupines, maybe they're just curious. Do you think?

Anonymous said...

A quick hello back to you!
Love the tale of the porcupine.

Janelle said...

aw i love and ADORE porcupines...i had a porcy friend at nsolo once. he came for pumpkin peelings admittedly but he was SO tame...such beautiful magical creatures with their funny little ears and bright eyes... XXX j

Val said...

hey all!
Janet - yes maybe they are breeding here - this one def seemed smaller than the usual visitor..

Lola - thanks for your kind words; the dream continues with every wonderous sight!

Angela - haha yes maybe he was - i did wonder if he had a secret midden somewhere in the house. Ive been looking but havent found one yet.xx

Kristin - you wouldnt have to nap at the door - you could come straight it :-)

Reya - thanks. yes maybe just curious and now we are in their routine??

hi Rob - from me and the porc

Janelle - yes they are magical mystical and cute - I want to hug them then I remember...wondrous beasts xx