acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

The lovely Nicky from Absolute Vanilla has given me this award and all
I have to do is think of seven things I love - and then pass it on to
you lot! so that should be easy right?
so here goes
- cool fresh mornings like today when the sun is sparkly and the air is clear
- the blogosphere - all my pals - reading your blogs and comments;
meeting you in real life;
- the power of positive thought and energy
- planet earth - especially the green and blue bits;
- my loved ones, family and friends, and friend family
- room to breathe
- vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts and banana

I pass this on to all you illustrious ones on my blog roll! Yes you.

have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100s on planet earth plus the sandy/browny bits.
Rum&Raisin ice cream . . .

have a fab weekend

Kristin said...

Chocolate sauce, nuts and banana... Heaven.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

May I have some #7 please?

Ciao Val, have a great weekend. Enjoy the fresh air and look up at your sky for me.

Fire Byrd said...

Well I'll go along with the first six. You can keep the icecream, doesn't do it for me at all.

Val said...

hey Janet - yes those bits too!
Kristin - is that a banana split?
Lola - yes of course :-)
Thanks for commenting guys. I know its a short and sweet posting this time but still a lovely award and i look forward to seeing your sevens

Val said...

FB - its not easy to think of only seven things, there are so many big ones that in the end ice cream took the cake (so to speak) :-)