acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, July 11, 2009

things on the road and in your eye

More pictures than words this time but just to share some of the strange scenes around here.


Chris Wolf said...

wow, amazing.
Peace and safety,

Angela said...

What is that in the elephant`s eye? Water? Tears? And would you like to have a bird picking in your eye? True, a strange world! all soooo different from my world here! Thanks for your comment, Val, I`ll tell Paco and S.C.!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! I look out on my suburban street with the odd sparrow! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos in your very interesting part of the world!

Lauri said...

Fantastic photos. Are those thorns in the elephants eyes? And what are those tracks- leopard?

I know I live here but I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to animals- scared to death of an elephant, almost the scariest animal on earth if you ask me. I've passed elephants on the raod like that and nearly had a coronary. Went to a funeral once in Kasane and stood with a big stick in my hand as residents said elephants commonly pass through the graveyard. Not sure what my plan was with the stick though.

Rosaria Williams said...

We can't get enough. It's unreal.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Truly incredible! I'm almost afraid to ask what belongs to those footprints...

That you see these sights so frequently is nothing short of amazing. What an incredible world.

Lorac said...

Nice! What kind of bird is that? Is it the kind that eat bugs off the cattle?
Does the eye hair get longer as an elephant ages?

Lori ann said...

Haha, I heard the spoor called the "morning newspaper", you know, drive,look for tracks, read them all and off you go! is it a cheetah?

Lorac, I think the bird is an oxpecker. It's directly in the poor buffalo's eye. move!

Hope your having fun!

Anonymous said...

Fab pics Val. Love the leopard! So seldom see one out in the open like that.

Val said...

Angela - those are eyelashes - arent they amazing?

Chris Wolf - hello and thanks!

Pam - i love sparrows - so cheeky

Lauri - eles can be fully scarey but a vet once told me that they are also the most scared of all animals. They have such big hearts and brains. I am sure you could shake your stick at long as you have a place nearby to run to ;-)

Oh and those are lion tracks

lakeviewer - yay!

CBW - you are right it is an incredible world - your place fascinates me too

Lorac - yes its an oxpecker as Lori says; they eat the ticks off all the animals, and clean out wounds etc - sometimes a little brutal tho - look at the size of that beak!

not sure if elephants eye lashes get longer as they get mean like some peoples eyebrows?

Lori - lion spoor in our driveway..hehe.. love the 'morning newspaper' x

Rob - yeah it was an amazing sighting there were two so they were a bit distracted by each other.

Thanks for your lovely comments all
have a beautiful day xxxV

Unknown said...

Stunning Val, just stunning, makes me long for a bush escape!

Reya Mellicker said...

Incredible and beautiful, as always here, Val. Whether you use words or images, you always make me feel like I'm right there. Thank you!

Janelle said...

ah sigh sigh...beautiful. takes me home. xxx j

Tessa said...

Wowza! Val, those photos are spectacular...particulary love the ellie's beautiful eyelashes - what a shot!

Val said...

Nicky - the time is NOW - pack up the flu and come visit the slowveld!

Reya - thanks!

Janelle - yes indeed :-)

Tessa - they are amazing arent they? I suppose those beautiful eyes need a lot of protection from dust, mud, leaves etc etc

I find the photo of the lion spoor does an optical trick - sometimes it looks like and imprint and other times they stand in relief. Wierd.

thanks for visiting and commenting - love it xxxxV

Fire Byrd said...

I was wondering what was wrong with the ellie'seye till you said it was eyelashes.... cor beats what Revlon tries to sell anyday!

NanU said...

What a special life, to be surrounded by such magnificent animals!

Val said...

Fire Byrd - i know this is not relevant but on the subject of eyes and eyelashes etc - it really freaks me out that fish do not have eyelids!!!! aaaagh

science girl - hello! yup how lucky am i? i love it!

love to all xx

Kristin said...

Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

pink dogwood said...

growing up in India, I did see enough elephants, but the leopard would scare me - very majestic though. Great pictures :)

karen said...

Lovely photos, Val, as ever! I do love the lion prints, as you say, they are a bit of an optical illusion! Great to see you the other day, despite my stressed out state.. x