acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fwd: the missing pictures

Begin forwarded message:

> apologies dear bloggy pals - everytime i think i have the picture
> upload thing worked out it proves me wrong! anyhow here are the
> missing pics from the last couple of posts

>> first the spider-hunting wasp crawling up friends hairy arm - that
>> spiders body is bigger than the wasp..ugh..(actually i think the
>> wasp was bigger than 10mm)
>> followed by sunrise and palm tree - from Selinda Sunrise post...sigh


Angela said...

I`ll try to forget about the first picture, but the second one is breathtakingly beautiful! Oh so African (as I wish to see it, not with the creepy inhabitants). I am just reading another Mma Ramotswe book, THAT is how wished Botswana would be... Really Val, take care of our delicate nerves!

Lorac said...

Pulled his legs off you say?Wow! I guess it would be hard to fly with all those 8 legs sticking out. Are you using Blogger in Draught? You may find it easier to upload photos . I think it is a t the bottom of the page when in dashboard.and will say "Make Blogger in Draught My Default Blogger". It has some nice features the regular does not have.