acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Monday, June 1, 2009

best laid plans and lovely award

After all the packing, list checking and tying of loose ends. We set off for Botswana on friday stopping in Tzaneen for a breakfast meet with some friends. Whilst there a phone call came in and we decided to turn back for a meeting with our partners about mozambique. It was a good thing to do as we had been missing each other for a while, and as we were only an hour down the road it seemed a good idea.
Rayson was delighted to see us come back as he could then go home for the weekend. He just shook his head as he helped me unpack the vehicle we only packed up the day before.
We had a good meeting, and then went to the airstrip to see our friends fly off. As the plane was taxiing down the strip, we noticed that the baggage door was standing open. We shouted and waved but they couldnt hear us so K has to go racing after them down the strip in his Cruiser. Luckily he managed to catch them before take off and we drove on home through the back country happy to be on the ground.
I have recieved the most beautiful award from Tessa of Aerial Armadillo which is self styled to celebrate bloggers building bridges - which is one of the loveliest parts of blogging as it transpires.  Tessas artworks are so vibrant and joyful  - please do go to her blogsite and have a look. She also writes beautifully, and posts recipes that have me drooling. Fortunately no-one can see.  Thank you Tessa - it is a joy to 'know' you.


Kristin said...

What luck that K managed to catch the plane! What a mess that might have been...

Congratulations on the award. It's well deserved.

Val said...

Thanks Kirstin;
was so happy we managed to stop that plane!!! I love terra firma...

Angela said...

Yes, so well-deserved is that award (thank you also, Tessa!). I wish I could paint like that.
And write, too! That plane account could make a whole long story, Val, and you write it so nonchalantly, I always have to chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved award!
there certainly is a lot of blog bridging going on at the mo - wonderful!

Now we need to convince Angela (and H) to visit Africa!!!!


Val said...

Geli - you write well enough - you just have to start painting :-)

Janet - isnt that great? Geli are you listening??


Lori ann said...

Ooops, i thought I'd left a comment! sorry so late Val, i am so happy you recieved this award. You SO deserve it.
The plane story makes me shudder, we just flew several times in those. But they were really fun(i'm just glad the doors were closed).
Oh, and I LOVED your list post. I don't think there is anything quite so romantic as a packing list tacked to a wall, especially yours...
xoxoxoxo ☺

Siobhán said...

Congrats on the award.

Great plane story.