acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Thursday, February 5, 2009

awards spot

Some time back the lovely Tessa from the wonderful Aerial Armadillo blog very kindly awarded me "Luz en el Alma"
and i am still struggling to add the image to my blog so this is a further attempt. I am hugely honoured to be on her illustrious rollcall of worthy blogs
and would like to pass it on to other blogs that have "light in the Soul"; its such a beautiful award and there are so many blogs that inspire and shine brightly.
Many have already been named but i shall persist - please follow the links on my sidebar - they are all so talented and individual, and a journey of mind and spirit in each visit!

Holey Vision
Chesapeake Bay Woman
Inukshuk Adventure
Wandering Mind
The Bhodi Tree
The Gold Puppy
The Times of Miranda
Letters from Usedom
Fire Byrd
Absolute Vanilla
Fleeing Muses
Lori Times Five
Ngorobob Hill House

infact everyone on my side bar!!! how can i choose?

Then Miranda very kindly gave me another award - Superior Scribbler -which i would also like to pass on to the entire roll call of my sidebar .
blog on all of you - you make the world a finer place. thank you

(dang the pictures still didnt appear - please find the Luz en el Alma at
and the Superior Scribbler at - anyone know how i can do this on Mac please help - links are also a problem)

Pink Dogwood - the same problem delays me on that lovely meme for the photographs. I think you are an IT wizz - any ideas?


Angela said...

Dearest Val, thank you for including me!! And guess what, I managed! Not quite on the right spot (I wanted my followers to be first), but they did appear! I followed Cheryl`s advice (Lizzy Frizzfrock)and first copied the award pictures onto my own desk. Then I went back to my blog, clicked on add gadget, then add photo, then named the awards - it took me a while going back and forth - but then, tataa, they appeared. I think these awards are so nice, such an inspiration to go on, so they should be shown, yes. And you of all people deserve the praise anyway!! But I agree with all your choices, and therefore I will not name my own choices, because they are the same as yours. I hope you`ll manage now!

pink dogwood said...

Thanks Val - I am honored :)

Now about the pictures - I am an IT person, but sorry never used a Mac :(

Fire Byrd said...

Thank you so much for the award.
I'm being very remiss though at the moment I have a small collection building up and I haven't done anything with them. So after the weekend I'll sort it out

Reya Mellicker said...

I agree with you that it's almost impossible to honor just a handful of blogs with these awards. There are so many fantastic blogs! It's an embarrassment of riches. The only thing harder than choosing is figuring out how to post all the awards! (heheheh).

Not to worry, though, Val - the soul light shining from your blog is absolutely obvious to all readers. You don't need a badge to announce it. Really.

Thank you so much for honoring me! It means so much coming from you.

Kate said...

Thank you Val. I'm also in that delightful position of having, now, three awards to post. My cup overflowith!
I have a Mac. All I do is drag and drop the award pic onto my desktop. Then stick it into a post in the same way as any image, highlight it and press the link button, enter addy, and it should work. It does using Firefox, anyway.
Or, to put it in the sidebar, I go to layout, new picture, and that has a slot for a link address... Hope this helps.

Kate said...

Duh, didn't read the comments properly. Sorry, Angela has already written the method.

Anonymous said...

Val you are too kind. Thanks for the award and for your visits and appreciated comments.

I must also say a big congrats to you on your awards. You write so wonderfully and visits to your blog are a delight, enjoyable not only for the the tales and stories you tell, but also the way you tell them.
Keep on blogging!

Lori ann said...

Congratulations on your new Mac and your awards!! ALL of them. Wow, it is def no surprise, you have a wonderful way with words, you bring us all into your world and I am always thankful for that!
And yes, like Geli, thank you for including me, it is a huge honor to be a part of this amazing blogging community we have here! good luck with your new computer!
xx lori

Val said...

Angela- well done! i still havent cracked the mac code.. did the last on my old pc

Pink Dogwood - i did it - bent the rules a bit as usual :-)

Fire Byrd - of course you do!

Reya - thanks - means so much coming from YOU

Katherine - i tried but that toolbar just doesnt appear and i dont know how to make it

Rob - thank you - I am loving my vicarious canada visits!

Lori Ann - you deserve all the awards of course

keep the blogs rolling xxxx

karen said...

hi val - well done with your awards! you are a lovely blog destination.. sorry can't help with a mac at all, i'm a PC person... lol x

A Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks very much for including me in your list! I feel honored and humbled all at once.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You are so very sweet..thank you so much for including me. I'm still behind on the word game, but hope to have that up within the next week or so, after my contest is over.
Thanks again!!