acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Miranda has tagged me in this record size meme – bumper issue for christmas I suppose! If you havent yet visited her blog - you must - its so fresh and funny and wise and original.

Since this meme has presented itself as a good distraction from what I should really be doing, I will give it a go.

Seven things to do before parents arrive:Well I don’t have parents anymore, and nor does K but my niece and boyfriend arrive next week so I’ll count her in:

Umm - was I supposed to do something?

Well firstly clean the cottage where they will stay – that’s important
Stock up on booze and food
I've already painted everything that doesn’t move – I may be hooked on fumes at this stage..
Tidy up house generally (should be done regularly anyway)
Finish this meme
Put lots of sleep in the bank
Check airport arrival times

Seven things I’ve been doing instead of preparing for christmas
Painting everything in sight that doesn’t move
Playing Scrabs on facebook
Doing bumper memes
Checking on facebook
Checking on google for mails from pals
Pretending Christmas is just a turkey lunch

Seven things I cant do this ChristmasFly to the moon to get cheese
Fly anywhere exotic or otherwise away
Make everyone have fun and be happy
Bake a cake (although that’s normal)
Play the piano (ditto)
Do the splits (ditto)
Wear a winter coat (too hot..aaagh)

Seven Christmas wishes
That everyone everywhere (including us) has a peaceful happy healthy one
That no-one feels lonely and left out
That everyone has enough to eat and drink
That that ‘secret issue’ goes well
That the Zimbabweans get their country back
That everyone is happy and has fun
That the power stays on – in every sense

Seven Things I say as Christmas approachesIs there enough wine?
Can anyone cook?
Theres a monkey in the kitchen
This is going to be fun
Oh my word
What day is it?
Is there enough wine? (did I say that?)

Seven Celebrities to invite for Christmas Dinner
Father Christmas – since he will be passing anyway
Jamie Oliver – to help with the cooking (did I say ‘help’?)
Why is this one so hard…….umm celebrities…let me think
Actually I’d rather invite you lot with all your special talents
Now that could be fun……….we will keep Jamie though

Seven Favourite Festive FoodsBrandy butter – have to agree
Gammon ham
Mango sorbet

Seven Bloggers to tag
you know who you are! c'mon then


Angela said...

I`ll come and cook for you if I may come and enjoy your Christmas party! Especially the monkey in the kitchen and the mopane worms and the heat (we have 1 °C), and all your nice company! Miranda tagged me, too, but I wonder if I can ever be so original, so I think I`ll just tell you another one of my funny encounters instead.
Have a glas of wine on me!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, sitting in the shade sipping a glass of chilled un-oaked Chardonnay watching the Naked Chef perform miracles, well, it's so hot he's bound to be stripped down to his shorts! Now that sounds like a fun and happy Turkey Lunch day.

Kate said...

Me too! I'll be there! Thank you for the invitation Val!

Unknown said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one constantly playing Scrabs on FB - or being distracted by FB - and blogging!

And I'm with you on the Zimbabwean Christmas wish!

And I do love the line, "there's a monkey in the kitchen" - makes your life more than "exotic"! ;-)

Fire Byrd said...

"Did I mention wine".... LOL
Sounds like me this Christmas so far, and I generally don't drink!
Great list, and I'd love to be on the guest list. An international blog Christmas sounds wonderful.

Grit said...

oh you did well! but this one is hard isn't it? i'm still trying to think up excuses.

Lori ann said...

Sounds like you have everything together! i would definetly come and help Geli in the kitchen, in case Jamie can't come of course, but i will let someone else enjoy the worms! I could bring some great Napa Valley wine!

karen said...

Val,this list is very "you"!absolutely great!!

I think I will have to give it a go as well..

ever since "scrabulous" turned into 'scrabble" on FB, I can't seem to play.. i think it's to do with one of the plugins. Maybe I will try changing browsers. I do miss our scrabulous games (which you always won!!) lol x

Val said...

thanks for your great comments! ha - what fun. we will have a cyber christmas party :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm inviting myself to the XyberXmasXcitement. . . . I can't cook and thankfully you all can, I play loads of Scrabble on FB with Val, just getting in blogging and can drink loads of the Xmas Cheer!

Cheers Val!!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I love your answers! We must be long-lost twins. I can't do the splits, bake a cake or be without wine either. I, too, would love to have dinner with Santa Claus, or Father Christmas as it were.

I love your answers.

Reya Mellicker said...

There is never enough wine ... is there?

I salute you for doing this meme. It's so complicated, I'm afraid to even try!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be lovely to fly to the moon?! And finding cheese there would be a bonus. It reminds of Wallace of Gromit!

CJ xx

Reya Mellicker said...

Lovely new color scheme!

Val said...

Janet - great - come to the cyber party!

CBW - haha yes you could be right

Reya - i thought this meme would be daunting but then it was fun! thanks for your comment on the new colour

CJ -Wallace and Grommet are the best!

have been unable to blog since the silly season started and visitors rolling in, but just want to wish you all the best for the season
and a 2009 of bountiful blogging

Avid Reader said...

Hope you find time to curl up with a good book for 20 minutes or so ... I find that helps so much when the house is full and festive. We keep one room closed off (for naps & reading)

self imposed time outs!

Val said...

Avid Reader - what a splendid idea!! in our case it should be the room with the aircon.....temps in the mid 40C's now - phew

Unknown said...

Just popping in to say "Merry Christmas" - hope it's a great one! xxx

Janelle said...

ah lovely val! hope you had a good xmas...and a wild new year...wishing you all you wish for for 09 (howz that for bad english eh?) heaps of love xxx j oh and ps the new spotty ones are here on the hill now! neighing and generally causing havoc as new horses always do when they settle in...! xxx