acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mothers day

Betty Jeanne Thraves  1922-1982
happy mothers day


Vagabonde said...

Your pictures are lovely and your mother very attractive. My mother’s birthday was yesterday, she would have been 102 years old had she lived that long. Mother’s Day in France is the last Sunday of May, so I had to hurry up buying a card here early in May or was out of luck by the end of May. It has been raining all day – a light rain. We looked in the back yard and were surprised to see 3 beautiful Mallard ducks eating our grass – don’t know where they came from but it helps as my husband’s lawn mower is not working… Thanks for visiting my blog.

Rosaria Williams said...

Happy Mother's Day, Val.

Val said...

Vagabonde - thanks for visiting and I hope you have had a beautiful day? we always say that a light rainy day is 'lovely weather for ducks' and there you go! what fun to have three mallards mowing your lawn.

Rosaria - thank you - its always good to remember. i hope you have/are having a special day ?

not the usual Monkeys on the Roof posting but on a whim which is anyway how monkeys seem to act.

Amanda Summer said...
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Amanda Summer said...

what wonderful images of your beautiful mother, val. i am remembering my dear mom today - she died 20 years ago and would have been 91.

happy mother's day and hoping you are well.

p.s. i love the pram in the background of the first foto - were you in it?


Angela said...

Happy Birthday, dear Val! What a good moment to remember your beautiful mother. You look so much like her! I am wishing you a happy day and a wonderful new year. May your grass always be filled with ducks (ours is, too).

Val said...

Amanda - thanks for your kind words; haha no i am not in the pram in the first photo - i think she was about 13 or 14 in that pic. a bit young - but i love that she looks so relaxed and carefree with a whole life ahead. In the second pic she is walking (right) with her mother - my grandmother. Its good to have Mothers day to especially remember everyone and give thanks xx

Geli - thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a great day and was super spoilt all day yesterday. It has been said i look quite a lot like her, and i love that - so i can keep visiting her in the mirror :)

joost said...

Wow Val what do look like your mother.
She had a very warm and charming expression.
Sad to find out that she past away so young.

But i'm sure she is still very alive in many memories.

Val said...

Joost - thank you and yes - very much so x

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