acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Monday, October 3, 2011



It came out of nowhere. Today started hot and dry like yesterday and the day before. The air was sultry and hot. We had to wade through air just to move.
Around midday we noticed the sky darkening in the south. There was thunder and some lightening, but our rain normally comes from the north so we expected to miss out.

We wondered whether to close the windows on the vehicle. We were still superstitious about chasing the first rain away.

hailstones on the stoep

The dark sky drew ever closer., and soon it started to rain. Hurrah! first rain!!
we thought. Then "oh a hailstone" ; then more hailstones and soon a total whiteout as hailstones, some as big as baby golf balls, splattered down all around; crashing on the tin roof so we could not even shout above the din.

torrents of topsoil

The ground was baked hard by winter sun, so the rainwater ran off the top forming raging foaming torrents that raced past our windows carting icebergs of hailstones. 

after the storm

Then it began to slow down. The ground was white with hailstones interlaced with rivers of brown soil. The sun came out. The granite boulders steamed and diamante droplets hung on the bare trees. The air was cold and icy, and a double rainbow was emblazoned across the sky.


Lyn said...

Wow - what a strange phenomenon. It seems strange to have hailstones in blistering heat. Bur the proof is in those great photos that you captured. So different than the weather we are experiencing in Canada right now.

Rubye Jack said...

I love the hail here in Oklahoma; although it does tend to mess up the cars. Great photos!

Janelle said...

jassis val!!! hectic china! but rather exciting too! at least you're not a crop grower...and you don't own a really expensive sports j

e said...

It sounds a bit frightening...

Angela said...

I keep shaking my head! What a strange world you live in! Here we have a quiet autumn, with temps of 20°, hazelnuts falling, crows dropping walnuts, cranes flying over our heads. Just nice, friendly afternoons. And you? Lions for lunch, hailstorms and torrents. Gee wizz.

Friko said...

ok, lions for Sunday lunch and a hailstorm for afters.

So long as you didn't become the lunch and the hail didn't knock you flat.

A bit of a kerfuffle at the bird table because there's a sparrow hawk around doesn't really count, does it?
Ah well.

Lori ann said...

your photos really show the intensity val, from here it looks so cool. glad no damage occured and you had an exciting afternoon.

Val said...

thanks for all your comments and for visiting the Roof even in a Hailstorm!! haha yes we have many uneventful days inbetween blogposts :) thank heavens!
Blog on! xxxV

joost said...

Hi Val,
What a pleasure to read the stories of your daily experiences. From hiding for the lions to hailstorms from hell. Really like the pics.

Will be back to follow!

greets Joost

Val said...

Joost - hi - glad you found your way here :) when you coming to be part of a new blog post? did you see the moz ones??

joost said...

Hi Val,
You're a real great talent in the writing of the most beautiful stories. While reading your post you pull me trough the screen into Africa and I forget about the cold and rain outside. Maybe write a book?
Planning to book our flight to SA next week.. we will be there for the whole month of December.. would be great to meet you and you bushpirate again. Keep in touch an and I'am waiting impatiently for your next post

Xxx to you and K

karen said...

Hi Val - incredible photos!! wow.. quite a bizarre experience, isn't it! I've also just seen the Sunday lions, and the Swazi reed dance - thanks for all the pics and stories! Hope all well.. will chat soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics Val, almost felt like I was there, smelling the rain.
The noise on the roof must have been more than deafening!!


Val said...

hey Joost - thanks for those very kind words! great to hear you guys will be over again in December. See you then x

Karen - i've been wondering if the lions were on the move because they felt the storm coming? just a thought. look forward to chatting x

Janet -the noise was deafening, and the air so cold afterwards - really wierd. quite a start for the rainy season eh? x

Lauri said...

Such lovely photos and descriptions. I do love a wild Botswana storm! We've had a very tame 6 mm of rain so far. Promises for next week, crossing fingers.

Anonymous said...

I love the Steve Jobs quote on your sidebar

Great loss to the world and how we communicate and enjoy ourselves (she says typing on her Mac while listening to her iPod)

Mina said...

What an adventure , Val! You really live in a very interesting country and I do love your posts!

Cheryl Cato said...

Great photos of the hailstorm. I wish we could get rain here... we are so parched.

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