acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Monday, December 27, 2010

and how was your day?

Lillie House overgrown with green

Well I dont know about you guys, but I had a fabulous day.  I hope you did too?

Here are some pictures from Christmas day in my world.

a long walk in the jungle green
finding weird shaped rocks and mysterious things

chinese lantern flowers on the sickle bushes

tortoises are walking - which tells us rain is on the way
if only they would keep out of the tracks

mopane worms have started - filling the air with the sound of their munching 
on new green leaves. its a prickly sound like first rain drops

rock splitter fig tree

whats that under that bush?

storm clouds gathering at end of day


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Oh Val - your day and life seem so exotic to me ... the beauty ... the adventure ... the life forms ... How blessed you are! How blessed I feel when I get to share a little piece of it!!!

Diane said...

Wish I had been there..... we had a very cold and snowy day, not our idea of good weather!!! Hope you had a good Christmas Diane

Lauri said...

Lovely photos. Looks like you folks have had a lot of rain up there.

Anonymous said...

I love watching mopane worms .... Rayson teaching you how to harvest and prepare them for snackie-poo's yet foir ,ew year's festivities

Wah ha ha ha ha ha

Lori ann said...

Thank you for the drive/walk around the bush, this is one of my favorite ways to spend a day too! (minus eating mopane worms, Janet, hahaha)

Charl said...

Lovely to see the bushveld so lush and green. Enjoy every minute.

Val said...

Bonnie - thanks - i am in awe of all this stuff too, as you can probably tell :)

Diane - ah but snow is perfect for Christmas no?

Lauri - not too bad - big downpours a couple of weeks ago and since then dribs and drabs. how is it your way?

Janet - ugh no. would you? watched Rosina (wife of Rayson) preparing bucket loads of mopane worms - enough to put you off for EVER x

Lori - i am with you on that too xx

Charl - thanks and yes we are loving it. just heard lions calling again this morning. awesome sound

hope you are all having a good rest and regroup in the lull before New Years?


Fire Byrd said...

Thank you for such a fine walk. it's the closest I've got to one this Christmas, can't stop coughing long enough to get outside!
Mr Lion looks satisfied with his Christmas too!

Janelle said...

oh deliciously beautiful...xx j

karen said...

Hi Val
It looks fabulously green there, compared to our visit in September! Wow..

I hope the lions have not yet messed up that new rain gauge?? We also saw a couple of tortoises on our trip, definitely moesy-ing around at the moment!

Reya Mellicker said...

A lovely tour. It really is SO green. Wow. Happy midsummer, Val.

One of my Australian blog friends posted pics of their Christmas dinner including big slices of watermelon. I love that.

Wow the lion and wow ... the prickly sound of the mopane worms.

Amanda Summer said...

fabulous images from your ever-magical corner of earth.

happy happy to you too, dear val!!

p.s. i had to take a closer look at that chinese lantern almost seems like a bird feather on top of it!

Val said...

Fire Byrd - i hope you are feeling better soon!

Janelle - thanks x

Karen - haha no they havent found it yet! so green and jungly now its hard to believe its the same place! those tortoises have a big job dragging the rain from place to place! x

Reya - the differences are beguiling to me too. We had a roast turkey - a small one - because we love it and its the only time of year you can find turkey around here. Mopane worms dont even come close as a cullinary option!!

Amanda - those little chinese lantern flowers are so delicate and pretty on a tree full of giant spikes.

what are you all up to for new years eve? i hope you celebrate well and that 2011 is a full on fabulous twelve month escapade of undreamt of delights for each and every one xxxV

Cheryl Cato said...

My day was perfect too. The G-man & I wandered about the desert in west Texas & enjoyed Big Bend National Park. We saw unusual rocks, plants, and some not so exotic turkeys and mule deer, oh and a wild coyote!
I hope your new years day will be perfect too!

Val said...

Lizzy Frizzfrock - ah that sounds the same but different. I think we are on to something :)
Big Bend is awesome - what a perfect place to celebrate life. Hoping new years day is perfect for you both too x

e said...

That lion looks amazing!