acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The wonderfully talented and prolificley (is that a word?) creative Nicky from has bestowed on monkeys on the roof a gorgeous glittery prize. On behalf of the magnificent and mystical creatures that truly shine here - i am proud to accept.
This special Glitter Award is for bloggers who post in the spirit of the enchanted mists. So if your blog includes:

fantasy & science fiction (books, films, games),
fabulous artwork,
spiritual stuff,
myths and legends,
enchanted creatures,
anything else mysterious, beautiful or otherworldly,
you might see one come your way!

As with all awards, there are rules and the rules of this award are...

1. Pass this award on to a maximum of five other blogs you think would make the horn glitter. If you only want to pass it on once, that's fine - but the magic dies if you keep it under your bed for too long! And don't forget to leave a comment on your chosen blog(s) to let them know about it.

2. Add the award to the sidebar of your blog with a link back to this blog/post.

3. Tell us your favourite:
Poem or song
Myth or legend
Enchanted creature
i hereby pass this award on to Pam at SpinyMarshmallows for her fabulous artworks,  her unique and magical observations in and around Zambia; to Reya of The Gold Puppy of course!;
I know Tessa has been tagged already, otherwise...; Amanda at the newly discovered Travels with Persphone  who lives in a world between ancient and modern; Geli of Letters from Usedom for her uncanny and perceptive insights into human nature and her magical concoctions of sumptious pies and cakes; and lovely lori of Lori times five for her post from california filled with sunshine and light, and lovely illustrations;
my favourite book is still Secret Life of Bees - i know i know. What I dont know is why this story resonates so strongly with me but i can read it again and again.
my favourite movie for the longest time was French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline - I just love the setting, the way the characters evolve, the music, and Kevin Kline is fantastic as Luke, the dodgy frenchman
Poem or song - hmm - the Ancient Mariner is far too long to quote here but i do love it; favourite song - well i am a music junkie so tend to be more fickle on that one depending on my mood or circumstances
Myth or legend - I love the story of King Arthur - particularly the Merlin angle, the lady in the lake, and the sword in the stone
Enchanted creature - well that has to be the aardvark caught on camera recently with eyes like bright diamonds
thank you Nicky  xxx

ps cant load the image tonight for some reason so please take it from the side bar if you can. sorry.


pink dogwood said...


I am reading a book called 'Twenty Chickend for a Saddle' and thinking of you as it is set in Botswana. I am not sure if you recommended it - one of my bloggie freinds had mentioned it one time :)

Bye for now,

Angela said...

Thank you so much, Val, for bestowing me! Wow, what a starry bunch of people you include me in! You picked all the lovely blogs I would have asked too.
Now it will take me some time to answer all those questions. But I liked your answers. Must look that song up about the Mariner, never heard of that one.
So, even if it may take me some days to figure my choices out, I will return here (and to the blogs you chose) to see what our friends said!
You really deserve this magical award, Val, and Nicky and Tessa of course do too!
Why can`t I stop writing? I will send you a mail now!

Kristin said...

Congratulations of a very fitting award for a magical writer. You take my breath away with almost every post, picture and thought. Thank you for that.

Amanda Summer said...

congratulations val on your award!! and many thanks for choosing me as a recipient - i am honored to be included in this group of wonderful bloggers whom i love to read!

i enjoyed reading about your favorite things and share your love of the movie french kiss - watched it more times than i can remember! i've not read the secret life of bees but since you recommend it so highly i will put it on my list.

thank you again for including me - i'm so happy to get to you know you and look forward to exploring more your magical blog xoxo♡♡

Lori ann said...

Hi Val,
I'm here, late again! It's been a BUSY week here and no time for computering.
Nicky was sweet to give you this award, and you SO do deserve it. I see all my friends here getting it too!

I love Bee's (have you seen the movie too?) and French Kiss. I haven't read The Ancient Mariner for a very long time, but i will since Geli sent it in an email. Thank you Geli! Love King Arthur, haven't thought of that for a long time too. And the aardvark is one of the reasons we keep coming to Africa, magical indeed. Have you seen a pangolin? i keep forgetting to ask...

Thank you for the award Val, i am honored.

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Wow good for you - you deserve it. And THANKS hey...shew what have i done to deserve that?? I also love the bees book - multiple mothers theme - great. I will try to answer the questions but I am also very fickle in my loves for a book and music and poetry - cool aardvark by the way.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations for a well deserved award. The blogs you chose to pass the award to are also excellent.

Unknown said...

I love your list of favourites - also so enjoy French Kiss - Kline is magnificent as a dodgy Frenchman, though I did keep wanting to smack Meg Ryan for being "such a girl"! ;-) Love too, who you've passed the award on to. Here's to much glitteriness! xx

Val said...

Bhavana - oh thats a fab book from Bots - hope you enjoy!

Geli - thanks and well deserved by you too x

kristin - you are too kind thanks - wish i was as prolific as you - love your posts!

Val said...

amanda - great to get to know you too!

lori - aah the bee movie made me cry so much! havent seen pangolin for ages, but Selati is the only place i have ever seen them so there is hope! well deserved to you too xx

Pamu - great stuff - love your magical blog!!

Jennifer - thanks so much

Nicky S - yes i know what you mean about meg in french kiss - but Kline is fabulous :-) heres to glitteriness all around theplace xx