acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, October 2, 2009


I woke up this morning to two giraffes staring through my window. Giraffes can stare in a way that would be rude in anyone else, but somehow not in their case. I sat up and they spun on their heels and moved back down the driveway, feeling safer staring from behind the bare branches of the leadwood tree.

After the weeks of swelter, we have had cool windy days. We are on the edge of the rain that is happening further inland and on the Natal coast. We have no rain yet, and may still not get any but at least it is blissfully cool and we can move around and think.

Yesterday I was promoted. I understand that in the mighty corporate world, it is a great sign of achievement and success when one is moved into an office with a window – and even more so if that window has a spectacular view – more than a wall of bricks!  Well yesterday I moved out of my tiny cluttered office with no window, into a big beautiful blue room with a view of giraffes walking by.  It used to be a guest room but now its mine!


pink dogwood said...

congratulations on getting the window office. I have a window cubicle - but no giraffes :( I have a nice view of the parking garage :(

How are you finding the book "Water for Elephants" so far?

Enjoy :)

karen said...

Hi Val, glad you have stolen a guest room, it sounds rather lovely! Much better to have the window (and those giraffes).

Had quite a bit of rain at Selinda, lovely as ever but glad to be back!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Val: A room with a view - and views most of us can only dream of . . . WOW - 2 Giraffes!!!

Oh for a camera!!

Lyn said...

Congraluations Val! I always enjoy life in motion - and that includes promotions! It changes things up a bit - new challenges, opportunities and views. I love the visual of the giraffes outside your window -- reminding you that you have moved up in the world. : )

Rosaria Williams said...

Congratulations on the promotion. Happy to know that the giraffes are around to greet your promotion too.

Fire Byrd said...

Perhaps that popped by to check that you were doing what you should have been doing in your new blue room and not just staring out of the window.....
giraffe just fancy!

Lori ann said...

I think thats the most romantic line ever, "I woke up this morning to two giraffes staring through my window" How absolutly enchanting. I can't get that picture out of my head(yay).
I'm glad things have cooled down and hopefully you'll get the rain you need soon.
love the new blog look, it's really easy to read and still very african looking!

Anonymous said...

yipee yipee yipee yay yay!
and a big window it is too.

in the corporate world - watch out for the corner office with big windows!

now for pics of those visitors passing by the window

e said...

What a wonderful shift for you! Perhaps you'll get a photo to share as well? Your visitors sound spectacular.

I wonder whether they actually think the other way round and feel that you are their visitor?

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

What treat to wake up to. Well done on the promo to the window on the world.

Lorac said...

Congrats on you promotion! Good to hear it is cooler as well! Give a great hello to the giraffes from me.

Val said...

thanks everyone! sorry a bit slow with the photos - bad IT connections again...hope better today.

Pink Dogwood - havent started it yet but it looks great - am looking forward to disappearing into the pages :-) thanks for telling us about it!

Karen - I cant believe you went to Selinda when i wasnt there!! good to hear of the rain. xx

Bonnie - it was quite a sight!

Lyn - you are right - the move is a good thing - and i found all sorts of lost items.

Lakeviewer - i love it when the giraffe are around - although it means they are struggling to find enough leaves further into the reserve. Trees are budding now so it wont be long til the world turns green again.

Fire Byrd - yes they did look a bit disapproving now i think of it:-)

Lori - it was a lovely start to the day x apparently the heat will be back next week. These cool days have been blissful!

Janet - does that mean i may have to move again soon?

e - i think they do!

Rob - thanks. Giraffes are so cool :-)

Lorac - i will tell them hello from you :-)

xxxx have a great weekend everyone xxV

Angela said...

Dear Val, I`m stumbling in late again, but I wanted to say the same that Lori said! Such an opening line is just unmatchable! Next week I am invited to speak at the local kindergarten and tell them about Africa. I think I`ll borrow that line from you! Let`s hope they`ll soon find fresh grass. Want me to do my rain dance again?

e said...

Hi Val,

The answer to the mystery question on my blog is out and yours was the closest guess! Thanks for visiting!

Reya Mellicker said...

Congratulations on your promotion! I'm certain you are deserving of this move!

Do you get a sense of what the giraffes are doing when they extend their gaze? Are they just taking it all in, or penetrating the surroundings with their sense of sight? What are giraffes like? Can you explain?

Thank you!

Vagabonde said...

Congratulation on your promotion and one that came with a window as well. I had a cubicle with no windows but I attached many pictures of wild life and wild areas on the walls – nothing like a window though. Once I saw giraffes peering at me through a car window while in Indonesia and I still remember it vividly so it must be such a great feeling to know they are close to you all the time and free. Reading your post brings such great images to the mind it’s a virtual travel trip.

Janelle said...

ooooooooooh your blue room sounds heavenly. nothing quite like a room with a view to distract one, though! but completely essential for any creative endeavour. lots love x j

Val said...

Geli - yes please a rain dance would be good! a prototype thunder cloud in the south tonight.

e - well i guessed the mosaic part anyhow :-)

Reya - i will try to explain...

Vagabond - thanks - giraffes are coool

Janelle - its great - am loving it, and i always find something to distract anyhow!

thanks for the visits everyone xxxxV

Lori ann said...

Ooh exciting, more giraffe talk!

Val, when you get the time theres something for you at my place.

Val said...

Lori - wow thanks so much! been a bit distracted but hopefully back to blogging soon xx

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