acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Monday, August 3, 2009

dawn patrol

The last few days have been still and quiet. Where is everyone?
Elephants are coming onto the floodplain at night for some reason. We
see their tracks everywhere in the cold morning sand. They are like
ghosts at the moment.

Distant lion calls and tracks on the road. We have been driving
diligently looking everywhere. Water sparkles invitingly in the midday
sun. At last it is warm on our backs - but not for long. The water
reflects ice blue, darkened in swathes by the winter wind.

I am awake in the night often. This is one place where i look forward
to the nights - never knowing what we will hear or what drama will
unfold in the bright moonlight. Lately nights have been silent as if
Selinda is holding its breath until summer warmth arrives.

This morning at last we found him. He was walking down the road
towards us, looking for the rest of his pride. We followed him through
the long tawny grasses until he lay down next to an ant hill and
started licking his paws - it had been a long patrol. We left him to
sleep and will check in again later.


Tessa said...

Ah there he goes...his Majesty.

Ghosty Elephants...what a remarkable painting that would make. Sigh. Would that I could.....

Fire Byrd said...

Wow, fancy such a regal creature walking towards you. He really has all the confidence in the world, doesn't he?

Lori ann said...

oh, so dawn patrol so much, here it means to look for waves, but where ever you go it always means an adventure. searching for lions though is heartachingly the best.

are you feeling ok Val? can you take naps during the day? maybe your not warm enough at night, shall i knit you a hat too?

Unknown said...

I've been out of internet range for a while, so I'm now trying to catch up. I hope your insomnia has passed. I was amused to see that someone counts back from 20 to fall asleep. I start at 500! Hard case.

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm still dealing with the picture of a real lion walking toward you. It's a stunning vision.

karen said...

He is awesome.. I can just picture him licking his paws! I can imagine how cold it is over there.. x

Lauri said...

Your descriptions are so lovely. Glad your pictures are working again on my computer, I look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Siiiigh! Yet another beauty
Thanks for sharing

Sleep tight

Anonymous said...

Magnificent beast!
Oh to head out from home and see him on the road!

Angela said...

A magnificent encounter. I like it how you all get along so easily with each other, respecting everyone`s territory and customs. Couldn`t we in the human world also try that? Your photos are so cool, Val!

Lorac said...

Hi Val! Awesome picture. Where is his pride?( That sounds funny!) Did he get separated from them or are they out hunting to feed his majesty?