acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Thursday, March 26, 2009

where was I?

ok i will - promise...

I disappeared on a non safari safari to the safari capital of the world. Safari – literally means journey but has come to mean travel to Africa’s wonderful wild wildlife areas. Well this was a journey of another kind. A learning experience less romantic than the safari ideal, and more about the business of living; or to be more accurate learning to live with bad business decisions.

Without boring you with the details, it was an intensive few days in an African city in the company of lawyers and law enforcers. Night sounds of dogs barking, sirens wailing, traffic screaming, and people people people. All this in a place that was once the domain of lions and elephants – under the same sky, and blessed by the same soft tropical winds but transformed into an urban jungle of tangled streets, and human predators.

We made some progress. We had the element of surprise for a while but time has allowed the many headed serpent to regroup. Once again we watch from afar and wait for final resolution.

How trusting we were. How we were led into this, smiling and hoping and dreaming. How frustrating that it didn’t have to be like this – we thought we could create a win win. How naïve was that? Just because you want things to be a certain way, does not mean that is how it will be – no matter how hard you try. Its about knowing when to let go perhaps. There are universal messages appearing all around in connection with this. Pay attention!

Whilst there we reconnected with some old friends from safaris past. I have promised to assist a group to find ways to market their beadwork. Its more fun thinking about this right now.

safari skyline?


Angela said...

Why is life like that? I also want it to be good! I also try to look away if I see dark clouds, and hope that with my optimism things will change for the better. But sometimes they don`t, and you just have to humbly accept that there IS Evil in the world, sometimes even disguised in friendly smiles. Beware, yes. But don`t let go of your own goodwill. It is stronger than anything. In spite of everything, I still believe this!

Janelle said...

well. pole sana val..BUT so happy you're back in bloggy land....! xxx j

Kristin said...

I keep trying to think of the right thing to say but it's not coming to me. All I can think is "life's a journey, not a destination" and sometimes the journeys seem so hard.

I'm glad to read that you're back.

Anonymous said...

So happy you're back. So sorry for all the nasty stuff you're sorting through. It's not nice, but this too will pass and you will go on to new ventures having learned from the experience.

Wishing you all the best for the beadwork thing.

Fire Byrd said...

Good to know you're here again.
And that you've done your best to achieve what you needed... whatever the outcome.

Lori ann said...

Val, so glad to hear your safe. That big city scares me. I am so sorry for yours and k's troubles but I hope you won't let this experiance stop you from being the trusting loving person you are, and not naive either.
Maybe I could be your North American connection for the friends beadwork,fairtrade is big enterprise here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Val. . . .that skyline looks familiar??!!!!

We're survivors and always get back up, especially when we've been had by people thinking we're gullible or easily used.


Val said...

you guys are the coolest - it feels like a homecoming! thank you so much for your friendship and support xx I know worse things happen than this, and really this is just another learning curve we will get through eventually and move on. In the greater scheme of things this is just an educational blip:-)

lots of love to you all Vxxx

Unknown said...

Oh Val, I'm so sorry the whole thing has turned out so badly. But yes, listen to the whispered and yelled words of the universe. As you say, sometimes no matter how much we want things to be a certain way, they're just never going to work out like that - but there are always lessons and we always grow.

pink dogwood said...

I don't know what your situation is - hope you find some resolution soon. Keep smiling :)

Tessa said...

Val, welcome back from that glittering safari city. I'm sad that it was difficult and emotionally taxing for you, but if love is a healing aid, please take mine. Although I don't know exactly what happened (but have gathered that a 'friend' has betrayed your trust), I do quite genuinely know how you are feeling because the same thing happened to us when we lived in the Caribbean.