acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, August 29, 2008

Summers coming

Another monkey tale

Scene at old Chobe Safari Lodge, in Botswana:
There is always a chaotic scene when tourii are scrambling to climb onto game viewing vehicles in the after lunch haze. Somewhere in the jumble of camera bags and seat saving a monkey managed to grab hold of a pair of binoculars and took them high up into one of those giant trees.

Other tourists raced forward with cameras to record the scene. One frantic visitor was pointing furiously – completely unable to rectify the event. The monkey looked down with mild interest having discovered that the binoculars were not edible or really fun to play with – he started losing interest. However, the strap had somehow become hooked around his neck. He wanted to drop the wretched things that were now drawing far too much attention his way. He pulled on them this way – that way – but they wouldn’t leave him alone. To the anthropomorphic amongst us it appeared that he was looking through the binoculars – this caused much hilarity amongst the greater group, and a barrage of camera shutter noises.

Finally they came free. He dropped them and we saw them tumble in slo mo to the soft grassy lawn below. Luckily no damage.

Unlike the baboon who stole a camera from the camp site, and took it up into a tree leaning over the river. When he finally dropped the non food item, there was a loud sploshing noise and it descended into crocodile country. Irretrievable. No ‘sorry’ either.

But enough about our primate pals…for now

The last few days are showing signs of a change in seasons. Earlier this week is was clear and warm. Then it rained – well not in a real sense – more of a mist but enough to warrant putting the windscreen wipers on intermittent for the first time in months. Discovered that the rubbers have been baked hard in the relentless sun so they don’t work properly any more. Anyway it was all very exciting but over in about 5 minutes.

Since then it has been hazy and warm, suggesting Summer is on her way back in. Displacing the cool hard beauty of Winter. Tiny tiny buds of green are starting to appear on the ends of branches already. Like Carmen Miranda dressing for the party that is Summer but she is still selecting the right shade of green for her dress. No fruit bowl for a hat yet.

More and more of the wild animals are encroaching on the feeding spot. A lone Eland comes in at last light; nyalla are around all day – the whole family; giraffe have been browsing the trees nearby lending a touch of elevation to the scene, and last night a rhino at the waterhole. Warthogs are losing condition fast. The really thin one died yesterday. We cant keep pace with buying sacks of food for everyone.

Did anyone look out for that Mars thing? I did of course, being a dreamer of note. Checked on my Stargaze programme though and it looked like the four planets – Saturn, Mercury, Venus and MARS are following the Sun at the moment NOT the moon. So it figures that the action is happening up above at MIDDAY not MIDnight. Duh.

The fact that the four planets are in alignment is in itself unusual, and I think that if you see the evening star after sunset, then you should see the other three. Mercury and Venus are really close together; Saturn is closest the Sun and Mars is the fourth.
Anyone know the significance of this astrologically?

Lastly, I’ve noticed that buttons are coming off my clothing faster than usual…especially around the waistband. Is this a sign??


Angela said...

It is a sign that things will be going the other way from now on. A point of no return. I had the illusion, too, when I was your age, and kept my good old skirts and trousers...still look at them sometimes - should I really throw you away? And they nod sadly.
Sorry, Val, but meanwhile we have gathered other qualities!
I love your exotic stories!

Reya Mellicker said...

The Mars thing is one of those internet phenomena ... in other words, a hoax. Such a shame - it would be amazing to see Mars as more than a dot of red light.

I love reading about the animals, and your sense of them. I wonder what they make of us?

The answer to buttons popping off clothing? Buy new clothes!

Miranda said...

Ha. My fave monkey story is that one at Old Mfuwe that snatched the birth control pills from the honeymoon couple's bag, dashed up the tree and promptly ate them all, one by one, to the horrified gasps of the honeymooners!

Val said...

hello there; thanks for your comments!
angela - the buttons... Im saving them... they are going back ON!
Reya - the mars thing ... I should have done my research FIRST but i always love stargazing so its no hardship!
Miranda- they do have a way of targeting the key item at the time hey? that one could have changed the course of history!!! he he

Janelle said...

i remember at kapani how robert used to electrify the sugar bowl so the monkeys got clever and weaved their neat little hands between the shock wires to carefully grab handfuls of sugar. it saved the sugar bowl though! funny monkeys man...bastards. x janelle

Angela said...

What do I miss by not having monkeys around!

Val said...

gee electrified sugar bowls - something to watchout for!! another take on the sugar rush :-)