acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

word games

This word game came from Fire Byrds blog - she had the letter B; she has given me the letter R to play with. I now have to choose ten words beginning with R that are (r) important to me. I suppose important can mean in a good or bad way - just that the word has Relevance, but i am inclined to go with the things i like as usual so here they come - in no particular order

REIKI - i became fascinated by the concept of energy healing some time back. I think its something we can all do - and should do to make life happier and easier for each other. I have always found reiki treatments to be deeply healing, and have always come away with some new insight of understanding or comfort along with the renewed inner balance. It works for me, and i have since received the three reiki attunements which enable me to practice but not teach. One day i will try for the Masters but the time is not right now.

READING - I have a pile of books by my bed - some esoteric, alternative, educational and some good engrossing works of fiction. I like to intersperse a higher read with some great escapism and feel lost if there is not a book nearby or in my bag when travelling. Imagine not being able to Read? I might be a bookaholic.

RESPECT - we should always respect each other, and also ourselves.

RELATIONSHIPS - these are huge for me. From my nearest and dearests, to my far flung friends and family. I am extremely bad at letting people go - its something i should learn apparently. but once you are in with me, i tend to hang around forever sometimes on the edges - checking in from time to time - sometimes really in your face :-)

RAIN - since I came to live in Africa some long time ago, I have become acutely aware of the need for seasonal rain. As dry seasons progress and water shrinks before your eyes, our primate hearts get anxious and start watching the skies. Water is life. We learn that we cannot make water when it isnt there - rain is the only answer.

ROMANCE - ah the stuff that makes our hearts sing - not the slushy predictable tales of TV movies, but that real honest connection that makes our feet want to dance and our teeth get dry from smiling.

RELIGION - as in soul food. I dont subscribe to a particular creed or sect because i feel that is a cultural issue and misses the point. Learning to love in a higher way - each other...ourselves..thats the main thing, and it works for our bodies too. Good things happen to our chemical soup when we give and receive love.

REST - phew at this time of year when the heat really comes down, and thunderheads cruise by in the stratosphere - that midday siesta takes on a new importance. It usually starts with a book open, and ends with my readers crushed beneath my cheek;

ROCKS - we are surrounded by granite koppies and boulders - great planetary sculptures shaped by millenia of rain, wind, heat, plant growth, seismic shifts.
They remind me of the beginning of time and our transience in this space. The rocks will remain. They catch the afternoon light in shades of gold; loom ghostly in the moonlight - store the suns warmth on a winter evening; provide habitats for a myriad creatures and always astound us with their visual drama as shadows play on their surfaces throughout the day.

RED - splashes of red in the jungle green; blood colour; colour of heat and power. I hadnt thought it was important to me until i started this game, then i tried to imagine a world without red.

If you want to play this game leave a comment and I will send you a letter.


Angela said...

Very wise words from you, Val - I wanted to answer with r-words but could not even think of German ones. If you want to tag me, please choose another letter! I`ll play along then. I am glad that you cling to your friends, Val, even if they are glum and grumpy! Thanks for your friendship! And I share just about every one of your favourites, only I never tried reiki.

Miranda said...

hell yeah I'll do it!

Fire Byrd said...

Great words Val,and wonderful descriptions to go with them.

Tessa said...

Oh, how amazing. I had no idea R could be so interesting! I absolutely love every single one of your Rs, Val. A brilliant post. I particularly love your ROCKS imagery. Perfectly perfect.

G'on then...I'll have a try.

Kate said...

A lovely, thought-provoking post, Val. Don't tag me. 'though, as I already have two to do from last year :-)

Kristin said...

What a great game and wonderful responses. I'm not sure that I'd be able to do the same. How do you pick the letters?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

There are many, many reasons I visit here as often as I can (which isn't often enough), but the word that comes to my mind is, your words are RELAXING.

e said...

Interesting challenge...Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Val, your observations, thoughts and words are fascinating. You always remind me to take time and look closer
I'm keen for a letter . . /.

Lori ann said...

you left out one Val.
Remarkable. That is what i think of Monkeys on the Roof and you.oh and Reallynice. It's one word, it is ;)
if you give me a letter you know i'll take forever to get to it,haha!

karen said...

wow, Val, this was really a great choice of letter for you! enjoyed this so much xx

Unknown said...

This is such cool meme-thingy!
I love your list of Rs - (rest, relaxation, recreations... :-) )

I'm happy to play! Assuming the brain is functional...

Reya Mellicker said...

I love your list! And your thoughts about each one of the R's. My head was nodding YES YES YES.

I worked at Reiki level II for five years, received my Reiki master/teacher a year and a half ago. I am always floored by its simplicity and familiarity, and by the way the attunements focus and magnify what was already there.

Won't comment on each of the R's, I'll just say YES YES YES YES YES YES!!

e said...


My posting of the words for the letter C is up. Thanks for this interesting game!

A Concerned Citizen said...

This was great, and please do send me a letter! I did not realize before that you were a Reiki practioner, but I was not at all surprised to discover that fact when reading this post. I've gone through Reiki level two (under the tutelage of the mighty Reya). Ii've been giving Arthur the cat Reiki for the last few days. If nothing else, he really seems to enjoy the warm touch.

A Concerned Citizen said...

Sorry for the typos above.

Andrea said...

I want a letter!