acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, February 21, 2009

votes count

I have just been interviewed by the blog master - or at least blog interviewer. See also Inukshuk Adventures where Rob was also interviewed. you can read mine and then there is a voting opportunity with a possible prize of US$50 which i would donate (if i won)to Angela's Africa Project which aims to raise funds to raise a roof on a small school in a remote coastal village near Sao Sabastiao in Mozambique. The previous roof was destroyed in the cyclone of 2008.

So thanks for hanging in with me, for reading my blogs and whoever nominated me for this interview and feel free to give me the thumbs up if you think its the right thing to do.

apparently the link above doesnt work so here it is in full

thanks Adrianne!


A Concerned Citizen said...

Hey there Vally. I tried to read your interview but the link didn't work. I loved reading your river story, though (except for the part at the end about the burglaries).

karen said...

i'll be voting for you every 24 hours of course! tried to upload mine but it bombed out & i lost it all - thus will try again some other time!

Anonymous said...

Nice interview Val.
Here's a clickable link
Val's blogger interview

Like many who follow your blog, we love that we are transported to your world with the full experience of the bush, the sights, smells, sounds and the essence of the tale that you so eloquently tell as you conjure the electrons.

Your blog instantly became a favourite and of course a blogpal too!

Fire Byrd said...

weirdly I got interviewed to today.
I can't access the site either here or on my site for voting.
can't open your full link either.
So I'll try Rob's link see if that works.

Lori ann said...

Great idea Val, i'll be voting too!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I have seen this interviewer leaving comments on a couple of blogs I visit but had no idea what it was all about...I'm going to your interview right away.

Janelle said...

hey val! shot. i also posted an interview on that thing. can't do all the techie linking and stuff...anyway. good luck. now off to read about your river trip now! xxx j

Unknown said...

Yeehaa - voted, commented and see I've been invited to sub an interview too - shall we all get together for a mutual admiration society!? :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done and good luck. You have a great blog and I always find it totally fascinating.

CJ xx

Tessa said...

Oh gak! Why didn't I see this post earlier...going to race off and read and vote right now!!