acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, February 10, 2012

the moon in leo

There was a full moon a couple of nights ago. A big amber cheddar coloured beaming thing that climbed steadily up the trees and high into the dark sky.  I learnt recently that each full moon, in the northern hemisphere at least, has a different name. February's full moon is called Wolf Moon, or Hunger Moon, implying deep midwinter, long cold nights and food supplies running low. Keep the wolf from the door until spring ok?

Here in the southern hemisphere we could also have names for the full moon. Every full moon could be called Poachers Moon anyhow, as the monochrome daylight that the moon illuminates our world with, makes it so much easier to get around at night for those with poaching intent. Farmers and Game Scouts across the continent are often sleepless at full moon, for more than biorhythmic reasons.

How does the full moon treat you? I am always spell bound with wonder and feel a deep kinship. It irks me to think of miscreants poking about for water and minerals up there. Surely somethings should be sacrosanct? will future generations look at the moon and see smokestacks?

This month the moon is in Leo.  The constellation of Leo will follow the moon across the night sky, if only we could see it.   We were woken by lions calling as they travelled through the koppies.  In the morning we found their tracks - clear imprints in the soft brown sand.


Diane said...

Love the last photo, my very favourite animal. I think of you in the heat there, meanwhile we have now been snowed in for just on a week! Brrr it is cold here. Diane

Val said...

Diane - we have been watching the snow from afar ! Hope you are keeping warm and have food and water etc? here it is melting weather. February - always extreme! luckily its the shortest month. take care.

mermaid gallery said...

I always think of all the people all over the world that are marveling at the same thing!...the coyotes can run on top of the frozen snow here and they have been very active...the poor deer go through the deep, crusty snow and don't have a chance of escape. I keep a very close eye on my dogs right now! ...loving those pics!...and I was watching the big cheese come up too.....

Calvin said...

The full moon must really turn the night into enchantment where you are but here in the big city, we often fail to even notice it. Sadly.

Friko said...

The full moon leaves me moonstruck. I gaze and never get enough.

I had a dog who regularly howled during nights when the moon was full. Perhaps that's why there is a wolf moon?

Anonymous said...

I love full moons and I try not to think about the treacherous side of them. I love the ellies at the waterhole and the leopard and the lion and . . .
I think you should make your pictures bigger on your posts

Val said...

Mermaid - me too - the full moon is a good meeting place for thoughts and messages. It really did look as tho it was made of cheese this time :) Coyotes and deer in the snow - thanks for that cool picture!

Calvin - yes it really does enchant us here; I would be very sad to miss the moonlight. The cities recreate it with street lamps i think.

Friko - i am sure it is a howling moon for dogs and wolves! moonstruck and mesmerised - me too.

Janet - i dont find full moon treacherous at all although i know some people do. Apart from the poaching aspect of course. I could make them bigger, just thought medium is easier for downloading time?


Pooch Purple Reign said...

I like the name hunger moon... i think its appropriate in the north.
It sure was beautiful this time, just hanging there. :)
~laura xx

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