acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

weather report and interview

Today we have had the whiff of rain. Not rain as such - but the whiff
of it. It was delicious and piqued the senses. Like walking past a
bakery and smelling fresh bread. We went to town to buy supplies.
There were giant bull giraffes next to the road feeding on the new,
very new, leaves and blossoms. They didnt mind as long as we slowed
down past them, then they could turn and look down their very regal
noses at us. Like the Emperor they are naked although they dont seem
to know.
The clouds hang low today like ancient dust bunnies - grey and fluffy
and full of portent but revealing nothing. The wind will probably
sweep them away tonight and leave us with a nice clean sky again.
Well thats the weather report for today. What I really came here to
say is that the lovely Bonnie from Original Art Studio has included me
in an illustrious line up for featured interviews on her blog. It
should be up sometime today. I had such fun pondering and answering
her insightful questions, and felt hugely honoured to be included, but
also somewhat unworthy. I mean, my claim to fame is having monkeys on
my roof. Not to mention in my head sometimes. Anyhow I am feeling a
bit bashful now but here is the link.


Ruth said...

It looks to me that you are very worthy of Bonnie's interview indeed. It was a wonderful introduction, enough to make me want to come over here and see more of you. I'm so glad I did. Your writing is such a pleasure to read, and I look forward to reading much more, now that I'm following you.

Anyone who juxtaposes C.S.Lewis, a monkey and Jimmi Hendrix on their sidebar has got to be a fascinating person I would like to sit down with and watch giraffes as they pass!

pink dogwood said...

Loved the interview and a chance to get to know you a bit more - loved your first picture with the hat - you look great :)

Angela said...

Now that was a fabulous interview, Val! And thank you, Bonnie, for asking all those questions! In fact there is so much more to know about Val - her deep insight into things, and her never ever passing on secrets, and her humour and wisdom, and her encouragement to friends, shall I go on? It is a pleasure to have you among us in blogworld, Val, and I`m glad you introduced the lovely word "monkey" into it.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Hi, Val. I really enjoyed the interview at Bonnie's and have now signed up for more at your alluring blog. In addition to many other things, I love the moon rabbit photo on the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful interview. You certainly live a blessed life and I love to read your wonderful written posts and get a glimpse of the magical place you call home.

Amanda Summer said...

val!!! i so enjoyed this interview -- i felt like i learned so much about you and your amazing life in africa. how fabulous to learn that you are a travel writer, painter, photographer - so many talents! i thought the interviewer did a great job of asking good questions - your comments about african culture and wildlife were so thoughtful and insightful -- also what you had to say about blogging being much more than what you originally thought it would be.

big congrats to val - the ear wiggler!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Of course you are worthy of the interview!!!!

You were the one who got me into blogging . . .

A couple of drops here last night, but I think our BIG STORMS are only coming late next week. Looking forward to it.

Hope the rains come your way soon too.

Val said...

Ruth - so glad you enjoyed the interview. I found the whole series rivetting and loved exploring the new blogs armed with inside info on everyone!

Pink Dogwood - thanks - I love that hat altho it shrank a bit when i washed it first time...
just finished Modoc thanks to your recommendation - loved it!!

Geli - you are too too kind xx its wonderful to know YOU in the blogosphere and everywhere x

Lorenzo - so nice to meet you and i really enjoyed your interview and blog too - going there again now!

Rob G - phew thanks - shouldnt you be packing??

Amanda - lovely to get to know you too. I think I must pass on the interviews - with Bonnies permission of course. Bonnie is awesome and her blog is a constant source of inspiration - as is yours!

Janet - so so glad you have come into blogging - its great to find you in here :) soft misty rain this morning and quite cool. lifting fast now though.

Thanks for your kind comments on my interview. I did enjoy pondering the questions - some where more challenging than others. blog on everyone xxx

karen said...

Interesting interview, Val! You are a very special person x

mermaid gallery said...

really enjoyed your interview! Such an interesting life that you have carved out for yourself. I love blogging because we get glimpses of lots of good lives....there is so much out there....

The Solitary Walker said...

I loved the interview, Val, and look forward to getting into your excellent blog at my leisure! Thanks for your recent visits to and comments on my own blog. Monkeys on the roof, monkeys in your head... aw, those monkeys just get everywhere! Best, SW

Charl said...

Thanks for the insightful interview Val. Your postings manage to brighten any day, and I appreciate that very much.

Lori ann said...

Well, i am just bursting with pride, as if you were my own sister or daughter! or good friend.

Such answers Val, Karen is right, you are a very special person.

I hope you get your rain soon. We had a storm pass through (so strange our weather)with a lot of rain, and it was welcomed!


Val said...

karen - thanks karen x coffee soon??

Susan - its a good job i dont live near your gallery - i'd be a real pest, in there all the time :) but you live in an awesome place too!

SW - wow thanks - yup those monkeys .... nothing but trouble sometimes :)

Charl - what a lovely thought - thanks!

Lori Ann - hehe xx no rain yet, proper rain anyhow, but lions nearby tonight - yay!

thanks again to you all - you know i love to read your comments and know you are out there xxxV

Friko said...

I'd rather have monkeys on my roof than the incessant rain which falls here in the Welsh Marches . There is a Rev's wife in the village who always says I should be grateful, the 'poor people in Africa' would love to have it. Would you like it just for a bit?

I was an early victim of Bonnie's and have only just got round to reading your interview. Good, another woman, I think you were only the third.

Love your answers, and I enjoyed the little I have seen of your blog so far. I am bound to come back often.

I am afraid, my wanderlust got me no further than the UK, so your tales will be a refreshing change for me.

Vagabonde said...

Val I read your interview and loved your answers. You should not feel bashful because you always have such interesting posts. I have learnt so much reading your blog and traveled with you to your part of Africa. Looking at your wild animal pictures is always a great treat.

Anonymous said...

Great! I enjoyed reading the interview.