acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Friday, October 29, 2010

First rain and an honest scrap award

Its raining - thunder rocks the house; rain pours in silver torrents off the tin roof. The ground is running with streams and rivulets filling the dry clay waterholes.  Trees rejoice - reaching up and shivering in the cool air, filling up the reserves that fuel the new green leaves.

It is dark indoors and grey sheets of rain cloud the distant view.  It started with a whiff of magical rain smell. A few scattered drops that hit the tin like stones.

"Shall we close the roof on the car?"
"No not yet - it might chase the rain away"  

superstition rules the moment

At this stage the car is more like an aquarium because the rain has thanked us and given generously of itself in return.

Lightening flashes bright and thunder cracks overhead - bringing dramatic crecendoes to the thrumming rain. Damp earth and ash smells waft through the wooden house that so recently was more like a sauna.

Earlier, the fledgling flycatcher who has been entertaining us with his awkward moves and sweet clumsy flights, flew into the house and landed on a beam. "Be Calm" we urged and left him to figure out his new surroundings - hopefully to find a way out again in his own time.  He fluttered to the floor - a dark corner which allowed me to approach and pick him up in my hand.  He was a ball of feathers around a strongly pulsing heart. He weighed less than a postage stamp (remember those?)  I took him to the door and set him on a post. After a couple of seconds he flew into the croton bush.

Perhaps after all he was planning to pass the storm in the shelter of the wooden house?

The multi talented and gorgeous Nicky from Absolute Vanilla blogspot has bestowed upon Monkeys on the Roof an illustrious prize - The Honest Scrap Award. Thank you dear Nicky!

but what is honest scrap i wondered? i start to picture a rag and bone man from days of yore trolling the streets crying 'any old iron?'  but then i read on.

The Honest Scrap Award is about bloggers who post from their heart, who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.

The Rules of this Award are to pass it on to 7 bloggers you admire and follow and then to share 10 honest things about yourself.
The hardest part of these awards is choosing only 7 bloggers to pass it on to.  Nicky has already chosen several of the first that spring to mind, and some of you
I know do not like to receive blogs - even though this one could be made for you and you alone!  but anyhow, i shall persist, and here is my list..

Tanvir from Holy Vision who guides us through her world with strength and fabulous in-your-face humour.

Amanda from Travels with Persephone whose consummate short story skills, vision, sensitivity and warmth are entirely captivating;

Susan from The Mermaid Gallery who lives in a beautiful place, and shares her love of life through her vibrant artworks and anecdotes;

Reya - from The Golden Puppy who perpetually nourishes that questioning part of my brain with her wisdom, intuition and inter dimensional experiences;

The Times of Miranda - always a favourite!

Lori times Five - of course of course (if I can get to her before Geli does :)

Friko's musings - a blog full of life and humour as a German expat living in Wales

The Solitary Walker - whose words and poetry allow us to share the journeys 

The Alchemists pillow - who shares wonderful things i never knew about Spain

please follow the links on my sidebar - I am on borrowed internet time at the moment. Thanks!

and now for the even harder part - to find ten honest scraps about ME. Who wants to know this stuff? ten things that you dont already know....crikey...ok

1. i have been an aunty since i was 17 - its been the coolest thing to be

2. I am a believer by the Monkees was the first record i ever bought. I still love it though i dont own it any more.

3. I have some scars - most of them are due to my own clumsiness or acting the clown. When i am even older i will have fun remembering - if i can.

4. i love marmite

5. i can do the charleston a bit

6. happy movies make me cry

7. i get stuck on narrow bridges over great heights, or staircases that you can see through like inside the dome of St Pauls Cathedral in London.......shiver

8. i would love to see northern lights one day

9. i dont let go easily - friends be warned!

10. I used to think the Elgin Marbles were big round things.


Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Hi, Val. I love your description of the rain. The superstitious bit about the car roof's closing chasing the rain away made me smile and nod my head. Thanks for the mention of my blog. I'll be sure to check out the others.

Anonymous said...

whooo hooo hooooooo RAIN awesome

Yes - I used postage stamps the other day to send you an envelope :o)
thanks for Modoc. lots of tears but not like rain

I also love marmite

Have a fab time my friend


Lauri said...

I don't know about that loving marmite bit but I am with you in not letting go easily. Eish! One of my biggest flaws and sometimes one of my best cahracter traits.

Kristin said...

You definitely write from the heart. Congratulations on the award and thank you for sharing your life and your stories.

Angela said...

Val, this was one of your posts again which I never want to let go of either (or you, as my friend). I think that is a wonderful quality you have, sticking to friends! And that rain, aaah, finally! It must be VERY loud on your roof, but heavenly. Haha, I remember how at first I told my brother I did not care for "I`m a believer" until he played it to me a hundred times, and I finally gave in.
Happy rains, for all of your world!

Friko said...

Hi Val,
Lovely post, as always. I'll never get to Africa, you are the next best thing. Through you I am getting to see the everyday day, ordinary Africa, what it's like to experience nature in the raw in a continent which couldn't be further from the small island I live on.

Congratulations on your reward and thank you for passing it on to me.

Lori ann said...

It is really lovely to learn even more things about you, i would freeze too, bridges of all kinds...shudder!

Oh how i wish hummingbirds behaved like the little flycatcher. By their nature they are nervous QUICK birds and fly even higher when stuck inside. :(

thank you for the kind words and Yay! for the rain.

The Solitary Walker said...

Val, so many thanks for passing on this award to me! I intend to feature it in a post coming up soon, and link to a related 10-things-you-didn't-know-about me post I did a while back. As for passing it on to 7 people - I may be struggling here! Either they've got it already, are not really into this sort of thing, or whatever! Anyway, thanks again...

karen said...

What a great description of the rain - and the little postage stamp bird... poor thing, glad you were able to save him from being stuck inside!

I enjoyed your honest scraps... can relate to many!!

Val said...

Lorenzo - evidently it worked leaving the roof open :) congrats on the award!

Janet - Modoc and Marmite - a good combo! glad you enjoyed x

Lauri - yes thats still something i have to learn :)

Kristin - as do you! your blog is awesome - i love your writing and stories of a life so different to mine;

Angela thanks x I was a big Monkee fan at age of about 6 - i still love that song. I can play songs to death too so if you were nearby then you would have learned to like it from me too :)

Friko - thanks - I will stop going on about the heat now - its just that it was SOO extreme that day; much cooler now after the rain. phew

Lori - so sad about the hummingbird :( you can try and try but it doesnt always work. not this time then. ah well. he obviously chose to be near you xx

Solitary Walker - i shall look forward to that. Been reading your last few at home, so not easy to leave comments, but quite rivetted by the topics! I know what you mean about passing on - you can just leave it open too though.

Karen - the rain has made such a difference here. saw my first velvet dust mite on the path this morning - gorgeous! loved your blog post btw

mermaid gallery said...

thanks Val...blogging is rewarding in itself but it is nice to know people do read the blog! I have a huge bridge phobia too...interesting that we have that in common. So glad the rains came...Does the ground absorb the rain or does it just run off? So glad you saved the the way, I still use postage stamps!

Miranda said...

Oh cool! Thanks! Blogging material - woohoo!

Ah, yay for that RAIN. We're waiting for ours, sniff it on the horizon but not yet.....

Fire Byrd said...

So glad your rain has appeared.
Oh yes the Monkees I loved them too!
And marmite is just the best.

Amanda Summer said...

hey val -- what a great post -- just in time for halloween! (superstition rules the moment - don't close the roof, it might chase the rain away!)

thanks dear for the lovely honor of this blog award - i am so touched!!! love the premise of it -- bloggers who put their heart on truly do this, sweet val!!


Val said...

Susan - where the ground is bare and hard then the water runs off, which is good for filling waterholes, but not so good for conserving top soil.

Miranda - ah hope it rains your way soon. SA still waiting worth waiting for when it comes tho!

Firebyrd - am i stuck on the monkey theme??? :)

Amanda - this award was made for you. been loving your travel blogs too - lovely lovely reunion post x

thanks again everyone xxxV

Grizz………… said...

Love the blog…it is so wonderful and exotic when compared to my cottage life beside the water. Some years back I read a book by Colin Fletcher called THE WINDS OF MARA, which I liked—but that's about all I know of your world.

I'ved signed up as a follower, though, because I really enjoyed this visit.And BTW, than you for visiting Riverdaze. You're always welcome.