acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

more of mozambique

beach tree

some random sights and scenes along the way
to and from mozambique

dhow fishermen on the reef

forest cycad


old house now inhabited by owls

womens work

the main highway under reconstruction and through bug spattered windscreen!

roadside attractions: piri piri, reed mats, pottery

the Elegant Social Club

view from Quissico


mermaid gallery said...

how wonderful...makes me want to visit. It looks so clean too...(litter...not dust!)Everything is so authentic....

Lori ann said...

oh my gosh val! i am leaving in a few moments but i had to comment here!
thank you for these photos! i love them, i want to know more more more about mozambique.
i want to sail on that dhow and live in a house full of owls, i want to help the women with their work and have a drink at the social club and i want to see that cycad! and oh the ocean!
thanks again, this was great!
see you in a couple days!

Angela said...

Let`s all meet at the Elegant Social Club! How inviting, at least the name. But if we have to take that road...? Wow, can you imagine to carry water in a bucket on your head?! I also like the house with owls in it. Must be spooky at night. I bought some postcards for the fishermen to compare their dhows with our Baltic Sea fisher boats. Quite different. What exactly is piri piri? I could sit over your photos for hours, Val, and you`d have to explain every detail! Such a sight, each one!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Me too! I would love to sail over on the dhow and meet at the Social Club .... Love that 4th photo of the dhow!!

Amazing how we share the same planet, the same needs, longings - and our living environs are so different. It is a blessing to see these photos and have a tiny experience of these amazing other lives.

Jane said...

And oh that road looks way too familiar...!

Val said...

hi Susan - thanks for visiting. Yes Mozambique is not too bad on the litter side - except in the cities of course !!

Lori - yes lets go - see you there :-)

Geli - peri peri is hot sauce made from chillies, there are bottles and bottles of it for sale alongside the road in one area only. We bought some and it was really good. See you later at the Elegant Social Club for cocktails then? xx

Bonnie - yes you too of course!!! It never ceases to amaze me how diverse and fascinating this wonderful planet is!

Jane - haha yup!! you guys must know it well :-)

thanks for all the comments guys - you know i love to read them xxxV

Anonymous said...

My my my - the owls certainly chose well.
Love the pics - beers at the Elegant Social Club would be a must - especially when paying with the meticais notes that are softer than St Michael's or Woolies 3-ply toilet paper

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow! The "main" highway ... oh and the elegant social club. What a world. It's like gazing through a telescope into another planet it's so different than here. I would love to plant a foot on that land sometime. I can't begin to imagine what it feels like, though thanks to you at least I can get an idea of what it looks like.

What does Mozambique smell like?

pink dogwood said...

Wow great pictures - Love the sound of the word 'Mozambique'

Anne said...

I would love to visit as well. Thank you so much for sharing your world.

Unknown said...

Wonderful pics, Val - I love the "owl house" and the elegant social club - brilliant!

Val said...

Janet - i love that owl house - its on a bend in the road, by a beautiful stream. I try to imagine when it was new...
Moz has new currency now - you can use the old ones - hehe

Reya - hmm what does it smell like. Well its tropical and humid and sometimes its best not to breathe in too deeply; but sometimes you can smell the sea which i love love, and other times its a sort of fruity vegetation ozone mix

pink dogwood - its a good name to say isnt it?

choices - yeah come visit moz

Nicky - there were tons more roadside pics, so much to look at along the way. perhaps i should post some more....hmmm

take care out there in the big wide world everyone...xxxV

Kristin said...

Gorgeous (as always). I can almost imagine it in this heat wave we're having, but then I hear the traffic outside. A train in the distance. I'm a world removed from the beauty you've given us.

Vagabonde said...

Your photos are beautiful. I like the views of the dhows on the calm sea. But are the people happy? I just looked on the Net and it says life expectancy is 48 in Mozambique. These are the statistics from Unicef: It does look like a beautiful place though.

Anonymous said...

I came back for some R&R under the beach tree
-- did I need some sunblock?

Val said...

hi Kristin - I just can believe that you have a heatwave right now, immediately after All That Snow.... its mind boggling. Wasnt the change over rather sudden??

Vagabonde - Are they happy? hmm - thats an age old question. Certainly the people you meet and speak too seem happy,and living standards are improving, but if you ask them whether they are happy, what would they answer?
yes the average life expectancy is relatively low here, and some countries have backslid in recent years. Not helped of course by the AIDS crisis. hmm

Janet - yes definitely!!! glad you came back to the Beach Tree :-)


JoeinVegas said...

It looks so different than here

Kristin said...

The change was very sudden with just a few days of crazy heat. The temperatures have slipped back toward normal, and by "slip," I mean that they were wrenched somewhat violently by wind, thunder and rain. You should have seen the aftermath of that!