acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Sunday, March 29, 2009

onset of winter


Rosaria Williams said...

Let's have a ceremonious send off and banish all dark thoughts. A good Sunday to you.

Fire Byrd said...

Well that was a fascinating post, full of naunces and cadences of speech. Keep up the good work................!
I think the word ver sums up how you must be feeling.... exhantsh!

Val said...

hehe - internet probs - trying again!xx

Val said...

sorry guys - first facebook turned turtle and now the blog seems to be following suit. what to do?
no idea why but i will persevere. cant get the text of this post to upload tonight. its a mystery.
love V

Anonymous said...

Ag no! How frustrating. Hope it all sorts it's self soon.

Lori ann said...

heeheh, this is funny, comments on nothing Val! haha Mandy!,what is going on with your computer?? you poor thing, i'll send my son right over HE will help sort it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Val, for bringing me a smile first thing this morning. Along with my first cup of coffee, I had a little think bubble above my head with a foggy question mark in it...". The comments are funny.

Anonymous said...

You're early for April 1st

Unknown said...

Winter really has made you go to ground! :-)
Hope you manage to solve the mystery - we've got two lingering scrabble games... ;-)

e said...

Perhaps Blogger is pulling an early-April prank??? Take care.

Reya Mellicker said...

Breakin old habits, are you?

The blazing skyline and yellow-ish sky looks quite familiar; could be Washington DC. It must have been harrowing for you.

Glad you're home, and very glad you're writing again. Looking forward to more of your thoughts and stories.


Val said...

well i am still struggling with this and open to suggestions!

lakeviewer - indeed, that sounds good

FireByrd - hehehe - and yes exhantsh is the word!

Rob - very frustrating but i am trying. perhaps i should just write really long titles... or comments :-)

Lori - yes please send help :-)

Pam - thanks for the smile here too

Janet - yes they got me - ok jokes over...

Ab Van - yes now a forced bloggy break
i havent been able to access Scrabs for AGES..

e - you could be right

Reya -the drama goes on - i am tired of it now. want it to stop. Blogging problems of the technical kind now... its a new challenge :-)

thanks all for commenting despite the lack of posting ... xxxxx

karen said...

Hi Val, this was an interesting post-less commenting session! I'm just catching up with everybody... your other post was very sad, for me. What an amazing Bus, though, with its message. I could learn from it too, definitely! Glad to have you back xx

Val said...

the sky was full of dark clouds with silver linings last night :-)

Tessa said...

Now I'm completely bewildered! Even the word veri is confusing - unsingo...hehehe.

Angela said...

You see, Val, we can all amuse ourselves without even a blog post! Just by sitting around your table and commenting and giggling, that is so funny! Thanks for this, all of you!!