acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mozambicans on the Move : Christmas 2011

We are back from the sparkling seas of Mozambique.  Border hassles and potholes notwithstanding, the magic of coastal mozambique soon soothed the senses.  The vibrancy of sunlight and colour bounced around us to delight the senses even when the summer heat was beating down.

You just have to love it there.  There are state of the art vessels and vehicles on land and sea, but here are some more interesting modes of transport that capture the imagination.

Dhow fisherman on Bengui island pulling in the catch of the day.

sail power beats steam anyday on the coral seas

walking home with a couple of beers under the arm

wedding procession in Maxixe

hang on - nearly there

chinese umbrella

three up in sunday best

standing room only

going visiting

barrow man Chokwe market


Angela said...

Beautiful pictures, Val! I love to see the dhows, and always the palm trees along the roads. And I like it how there are always people smiling, and making the best of everything. But with such a sparkling sea nearby - who could not be happy!
I only wish the government would do more for the children`s education!!

Angela said...

Dear Readers, please click on the Matsopane School picture on Val`s side bar and see what she wrote about her visit to "our" little school!

Steve Reed said...

Terrific photos!

Val said...

Geli - mozambicans in general are friendly people - in fact it was once called "land of the good people" or Terra dos boa gente - with apologies for spelling etc

Steve - thanks!

happy christmas to all in blogland! xxV

Reya Mellicker said...

Splendid pictures. And now you're getting some rain. Life is good, hey?

Happiest holidays, Val.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the wedding procession!!!!!

and the walking home with beers

and the dhows

and the bicycles

and. . . everything - I need a proper holiday!!!


Val said...

Thanks Reya - the rain is a blessing for sure x

Janet - when are you going to Moz? i hope you can soon x

Vagabonde said...

Beautiful pictures! With the lovely sea, the sun and the friendly people you must have had a nice Christmas. Unfortunately I got sick when I came back to the US before Christmas and have been in bed ever since – I hope New Year will be better. Just looking at your first picture and thinking about the sea makes me feel better. Have a great New Year!

Val said...

Vagabonde - so sorry to hear you have not been well. i hope you had lots of pampering over the christmas period and that you are well on the road to recovery.

Happy new year to you too - and all in blogland!

karen said...

Hi Val. I knew I would find things here to make me green with envy! I love the dhows as ever.. and the wonderful snapshots of the Mozambican lifestyle. Lots of new year wishes, once again! xx

Val said...

karen - would be fun to be there with you and T sometime - happy new year to you both and all the family xx