acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a pinch and a punch

July 1st

Well i didnt know it until last night but the planets were up to something yesterday. I had to go to the accountants with my computer to upgrade the accountancy programme. For some reason this didnt work - the disc refused to be read or acknowledged. We assumed that my computer was at fault because it was a little dusty. We live in a dusty place. 

So we tried to upload another way. This took sometime. We started to discuss some of the 'findings'  - I dont pretend to understand their job; accountants are a necessary evil to ensure our tax payments are in line with requirements.  We were spoilt with our last CA - he was so calm and kind, and always explained everything in ways i could sort of follow.  

Our new lass is a not so kind. Encounters with her are like sticking your hand in a hornets nest.  I find myself repeating "which means?" after everything she is telling me. my stress levels rise and i am trying hard not to throw my toys. The meeting is not going well.

I leave, taking faulty, dusty computer to the next town, 80kms away, where I know someone who can fix it. Having phoned first they promise to deal with it today - even though its friday afternoon and month end.

Arriving in Phalaborwa, the town is pumping with people. I struggle to find a parking space to offload - which is very unusual for this little rural town.  One of the fashion shops has some speakers outside and blaring thumping music reverberates around the square, pounding through my head.

Having delivered the box to the nice repair man, i take myself off for a lovely delicious capuccino, sipped slowly with a spoon to scoop the cream off the top.
On return, no - the computer is fine, its the disc thats faulty. I sit and wait while a plan is made to download the new programme via a memory stick. At last it works.

The car park is chaos with vehicles reversing and jamming up the exits. Once free I roar out of town. By now the day is gone and a million things that should have been done will have to wait.

At home our guests arrive five minutes after my return. My sweet god daughter and her friend, are on their way home to Botswana for the school holidays. Their Dad a long time friend of ours. They unfold from the car and settle in. We have some catching up to do.  

We even manage to watch part of the wimbledon semi finals, but Andrew Murray didnt make it through to the finals. Cmon Andrew - next year right?

The monkeys are all over the roof again now, with the mid winter cold and dryness. We are feeding them crushed maize and lucerne - which they love. But they still need to check inside the kitchen to see what we are eating.

ok planets - whats the plan for today?


Angela said...

Could we sitch days, Val? Your sounds like a real interesting, fabulous day, with a trip to Phalaborwa (like the sound of that name) and a not-so-expensive outcome, also with music, then friends visiting (tell me more!), and finally monkeys on the roof!
We, on the other hand, have storm and rain, masses of strawberries to make jam of, ironing and ironing, but at least this afternoon another royal wedding on TV, even with a South African participant! There were rumours she wanted to flee a day before, but was caught at the airport, haha! Well, the husband has admitted to have a Togolese child, and at least one other, but there was some other truth she heard, they say.
So let`s see what the planets make of this day then! Thanks for your lovely post again, Val!

Angela said...

switch, I meant

Lori ann said...

Aggg, computer repair people are so SO very important aren't they? so glad you were able to get it sorted in phalaborwa (i didn't realize the town was so far from your home). i could picture sitting with you and a cappucino too!

i winced at the thought of your guests arriving minutes after you. i'm sure all went well, even though an hour (or more) to get settled and refreshed and readied, would have been best! this sort of thing happens to me a lot too!

i know maize, but what is lucerne?

Val said...

Geli - yes lets sitch - could be fun :) i love strawberries and cherries!!! thanks for turning my day around :)

Lori - yes indeed! its worth the drive to the nice repair man :) lucerne is alfalfa - its a fodder crop generally


Anonymous said...

Whaaaaatt??? No parking in Phalaborwa!!!
(ok it was Friday, payday, month-end)

Eish no need for the 'bitch' accountant. Perhaps I should visit to help you through your quagmire and we start putting Plan C and D into place. . . .

Did you see Mercury last night at sunset last night???

The warthogs around too?

Val said...

Janet - phalaborwa was thumping on friday. not a good place to be for me! we r seeing new guy tomorrow and booting the hornet. eeish. a visit sounds good! Nope didnt see mercury? warthogs coming in now as veld dries out - and they love mealies x

Vagabonde said...

I just read your Mozambique post – sounds so exotic and far away. In your current post your life sounds busy. Monkeys on your roof indeed – what type of noise to they make? Here now I don’t have monkeys close by but hear fire crackers for the 4th of July celebration.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a day! What a WEEK that was. Glad it's over.

Those monkeys on your roof are so lucky. Also curious, apparently!

karen said...

hello! Here I am at last.. I can just imagine the no-parking-music-blaring-smalltown-stress! Glad you are now off to a serene place to relax a bit!!!

Love the Mozambique pics, especially the one with the clear water!

Amanda Summer said...

wow - sounds like the eclipse caused all sorts of mayhem with you.........

and what i want to know is — what is lucerne??? must be some sort of plant, right? used to be the name of a street i lived on...

sorry your guy didn't make it to finals at wimbledon - maybe next year for sure!