acacia blossoms

acacia blossoms

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my christmas tree

here it is! a metal baobab sculpture by South African artist Dave Roussoux
it makes the perfect christmas tree
with eight white candles
doesnt drop needles
or require you to cut, transplant or otherwise traumatise a
naturally growing tree

we do displace a few spiders though when we drag it out each year

we will light all the candles on friday
and think about absent friends and family

the candles will probably last about two minutes
in this heat

stop global warming now OK!

To all my bloggy friends and visitors who may be packing cars, or doing last minute shopping
stocking up on bog rolls, light bulbs and last minute gifts
wading thru snow
or still at work while sunshine beckons through the window

thank you for your friendship and all the fun
wishing you and yours the happiest of festive seasons
in every way



NanU said...

Wonderful tree, Val! Have a joyous holiday.

Kristin said...

Wishing you the very merriest of Christmases and a happy new year! It's a beautiful tree.

Anonymous said...

Fab Christmas tree!!!
Wishing you a very merry happy Christmas and may the weathergods be kind to you


PS expand on the NANOWRIMO winner award. . .

Anonymous said...


WOW WOW WOW - how much greenery outside the lounge window!!!
so stunning


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

The merriest of seasons to you too Val. Your blog has enriched my life and I am tickled to have found you.

pink dogwood said...

Love you tree - wishing you a lot of happiness :)

Lori said...

How wonderfully creative of you! While you have heat, we are gearing up for it to start snowing today and is suppose to dump 1 to 2 feet of snow over today, Christmas Eve and Christmas. We will likely be staying home now and playing in the snow and enjoying being snowed in. May you and yours have a happy & merry Christmas no matter what you do!

Fire Byrd said...

Have a most wonderful Christmas and may all your dreams come true.

Miranda said...

oooh look at all those pressies!

Val said...

thanks for all your lovely kind comments. right now snow sounds so appealing :-)

Janet you just have to finish to be a winner - i am proudly one of MANY!! yup - its a jungle here now - fabulous

bonnie - I am enriched by your lovely wonderful blog and inspirational thoughts - thank you so much!

smiles4U - enjoy the snow with your beautiful (energetic) grand children - i think you are in for heaps of fun and magical joy....

Fire Byrd - thanks and the same to you

merry christmas wishes to you all for days of seasonal joy and love
take care and enjoy it all xxxxV

Lori ann said...

Oh how exciting! I love the tree, I wouldn't mind having one myself(minus the spiders), it's really lovely. And so nice to see a bit of where you are.

I wish for you and K a VERY Merry Merry Christmas, and i hope it cools down some for you.

Lots of love,

e said...

Happy Christmas Val, love the tree!

Anonymous said...

A most excellent tree! And I note it is well stocked too.

Wishing you and K a very merry Christmas from us - have a cold one for me and I'll have a steamy hot gluwein for you and another for K and one for the tree and one for....hic....

Lorac said...

It is a very good tree for Christmas although it was hard to concentrate on the tree with that most excellent green tree outside the window! Looks warm! All the best for the Christmas Season and the Very Best New Year Val!

Lyn said...

Love your tree - artistic, beautiful and unique! I am sending you warm wishes from chilly Canada - for a wonderful holiday and lots of memory making. Cheers!

Val said...

Miranda - sadly most of them have walked already with visitors! still one or two though - phew!!

Lori Ann - ah thanks and big christmas wishes to you Chuck and the family. chat more on the other side? xx

E - thanks!

Lorac - oh i will post a picture of that tree too i think. Its a marula tree, and it looks so splendid in summer green again!

Lyn - thanks!

merry christmas wishes to you all, your families and friends - blog on!

Rob - will do - just one tho? hehe

Sandy said...

Amarula! Yum. We had it for the first time when we visited South Africa in '03. We brought several bottles home thinking "no one will have ever had this." Plus is was CHEAP. Well, when we got home, surprise, surprise, our local liquor store had it on his shelf. Much more expensive though. Sadly, since then they have stopped carrying it because it didn't sell well. I don't think people knew what it was!

日月神教-向左使 said...